Bachelor of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

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Bachelor of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

The main aim of the bachelor degree in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology is to develop an understanding of the fundamental structure of matter, in order to control its behaviour at the nanometric scale, and to use this knowledge to design and develop new products and systems that could have a major bearing on a wide range of areas of special socioeconomic significance such as medicine, pharmacy, food and industrial agriculture, energy and environment. The mission of the program is to prepare students for the challenges of designing, promoting and implementing solutions within societies rapidly-changing nanoscience-related industry cluster and to satisfy Palestinian needs. Graduates will have a fundamental understanding and application of nanoscience and technology and a sense of social responsibility for the implementation of solutions.

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology places students from the Faculty of Science and Technology in an environment where students are expected to not only immerse themselves in Science, but engage in other fields such as management, respect, participation, dialogue and discussion; this makes students of science programs better scientists.  The program also focuses on critical reading, thinking, and proficient writing; this will allow students to engage in other fields making them better job candidates in Palestine and abroad, also more attractive graduate students.  The program is also taught with a student-centered approach, students are not lectured all the time, but instead are expected to fully participate in the learning process through class exercises, readings, scientific literature reviews, presentations, interaction with professionals from the sector, and overall discussion participation.

The fast development of nanotechnology dictates academic institutions to develop their academic programs to be in harmony with market needs; therefore offering a B.Sc. in nanoscience and nanotechnology will fulfill these needs and increase the employability of university graduates, and at the same time palliate the difficulty in ensuring an adequate supply of skills for nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology is considered as the next Industrial Revolution, the so-called nanotechnology revolution represents both a continuation of prior science and technology trends and a re-awakening to the benefits of significant investment in fundamental research. The comprehensiveness of the our program, the diversity of courses in line with the new developments in the field, and the importance of the program as a support of the industrial revolution and diversification in line with Al-Quds University vision that starts years ago through funding the scientific research, and creating a project incubator unit in order to directly relates the student projects to the local market, solving its problems and meeting its needs. Nanotechnology proposes revolutionary solutions in a variety of sectors, redesigning production systems and obtaining new materials and devices.

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