Bachelor of Professional in Solar Energy Technology

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Bachelor of Professional in Solar Energy Technology

The B.Sc. Professional in Solar Energy Technology program (PSET) is a specialized program in the Faculty of Science and Technology of Al-Quds University.  It prepares students to have a specific knowledge base and flexible training in the field. 

PSET involves the students in current and future technologies of solar energy to integrate energy related technologies with the economic and financial considerations required to implement them, and to develop leadership and decision-making skills to implement energy systems in the private or public sectors of the local, regional as well as the global market.  They will have the necessary training to lead efforts within companies to plan and implement new solar energy generation investments, realize energy efficiency improvements specifically at the system level, and participate in energy and environment.

The curriculum of the program is designed to provide students with the necessary scientific knowledge in solar energy technology and its application through practical skills in the workplace of solar energy, so that new jobs can be opened in the labor market.  The program deals with heightening the responsibility through the broad knowledge in solar energy technology, electric power systems, management/finance of solar energy systems, as well as computerized systems for solar energy in industry and research.  Also providing the students with the necessary scientific business and economic expertise and knowledge in solar energy technology for being able to conceptualize, design and operate of existing technical/business systems as well as to invent new solutions and techniques.

The program encourages the students to develop plans for the integration of sustainable practices into products, business and marketing plans, environmental policies, and organizational processes as well as to build finance−schemes and marketing strategies for their plans so they can be presented to an organization leader as an executable idea.  PSET program will acquire students with the necessary knowledge, self-confidence and practices coupled to an understanding of the process of technological and economical innovation and of the key factors in the strategic and operational management to establish an innovative start-up enterprise.

The students will be trained in this program to supplying the industry, research institutions, colleges and universities, nationally and internationally, with experts of a high level of in-depth knowledge and expertise in a selected range of advanced topics in solar energy.  Students in the program will receive a strong interdisciplinary foundation in solar energy analysis, implementation, installation and repairing, investment, management and marketing. Hands on laboratory training on modern instrumentations and techniques available will be included in this program.

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