Bachelor of Mathematics

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Bachelor of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics is one of the main departments in the Faculty of Science and Technology since its establishment in 1979. Since its inception, the Department of Mathematics has been considered as a diverse community of competencies devoted to excellence in teaching and scientific research in the Variety fields of mathematics and statistics.One of the most important objectives of the Department of Mathematics at Al-Quds University is to lay down the solid foundation for building a society in which the science and technology play a major role, through the provision of qualified teachers equipped with modern educational methods and a broad base of information and by providing it by qualified experts to work in both private and public sectors.

Department of Mathematics is awarded a bachelor’s degree in mathematics(Full mathematics major, Mathematics major with a minor program, Minor in mathematics, Minor in statistics) and a master’s degree in mathematics as well. In addition, the department offers courses in mathematics and statistics to meet the needs of other programs at AQUUniversity.

The Mathematics Department offers many courses in mathematics and statistics, including real analysis, numerical analysis, complex analysis, abstract and linear algebra, applied mathematics, ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, integral equations, Euclidean geometry, logic, number theory, numerical methods In differential equations, partial differential equations and integral equations, mathematical statistics, probability, comprehensive survey and sampling, applied and medical statistics, functional analysis  and topology, as well as a number of elective courses covering interested topicsin pure mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics.

In addition to teaching, the members of the department council conduct research that contribute to the continuous development processes in the fields of the various mathematical sciences, which adopts the methodology of the survey that promotes the use of mathematics and statistics in various disciplines in engineering, medicine and other fields.

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