Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work

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Bachelor's Degree in Social Work

Social work program mission is to take a key role in building a Palestinian welfare society, which maintains the welfare and dignity of the individual with his / her family at the center of its priorities.

The uniqueness of the program in the case of Hind al-Husseini College is as a central stage for raising the woman status, and as a basis for the empowerment of young women in general and  among the local Palestinian in specific

The s social work academic program aims to provide the students with  knowledge that will enable them (scientifically, ethically and legally) to plan and implement  purposeful and systematic intervention, and to exercise a process of considerations in evaluating and selecting optimal and professional decisions to improve people’s wellbeing .

The curriculum plan (the studying  curriculum includes compulsory and elective courses) of social work is divided in a balanced manner onto four academic years, and includes two major paths, the theoretical (in class courses and learning units) and the practical that focusing on field practices and training (field practices  covers six field courses and training units  , one each semester , begin in the first semester of the second academic year )these two major paths should be academically covered by the following :

  •  Courses of theoretical general studies and introductions to social sciences, which establish a common knowledge base and academic concept for students, that prepares them for a smooth entry into the second academic year, which is the beginning of the specialization in social work
  • Personal and social dynamics and processes units and courses, dealing with description and/or analysis of social and behavioural units—individuals, small groups, community, society, organization—of various kinds addressing the values, ideologies, and approaches, regarding society’s desired situations related to various social and behavioural situations.
  • Social welfare and well-being courses and study units, whose contents refer to the values, attitude, ideologies, and paradigm regarding society’s desired situations, including the services and frameworks whose goal is to provide improved solutions and alternatives for the human needs, wants and rights.
  • Methods, methodologies and techniques of intervention and prevention, regarding the three strategies of social work profession, the individual work, the group work and the community work, this component aims to enable the student to acquire knowledge and skills, to manage the case in a comprehensive professional manner from the assessment stage to the evaluation stage.
  • Scientific research methods and methodology studies, these courses and learning units are focusing on logical, analytical, and critical approaches and means to inquire and understand situations of various levels of complexity

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