Master in Maternal Child Health Nursing ​(MCH)

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Master in Maternal Child Health (MCH)

The Master in Maternal and Child Health Nursing is designed to train individuals to become responsible and productive health professionals with an emphasis on MCH populations.  This program investigates maternal and child health from a multi-disciplinary perspective that integrates the life course, biological, demographic, epidemiological, developmental, environmental, behavioral and social characteristics that are unique to the health and well-being of women, children and families. The program offers 42 credit hours. The curriculum includes theoretical and practical aspects, which cover a wide area of MCH theory and application. The courses are offered in a systemic curricular manner proceeding from basic to complex knowledge and skills related to MCH while increasing the students, conceptual, interpersonal and technical skills required for competent MCH Nursing.

This program is offered at the Masters level and is approved by the Palestinian Ministry for Higher Education. The student will earn a Masters Degree in Nursing upon successful completion of program.

Al-Quds University