Master Program in Medical Laboratory Sciences

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Master in Medical Laboratory Sciences

The Program offers the M.Sc. degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences (MSc- MLS) in two tracks:

  • Diagnostic microbiology & immunology
  • Hematology

The program is planning to launch other tracks in the future such as clinical chemistry, laboratory management, and diagnostic genetics.


To provide a research-oriented environment of global standards to prepare qualified medical laboratory scientists able of stimulating scientific research and enriching local and international health services.


Contribute to the preparation of qualified medical laboratory scientists able to participate in leading the development of medical laboratories, keep pace with modern scientific developments in the field of medical laboratory sciences, and apply scientific research to solve local problems. Graduates should be able to utilize and  build databases that are necessary to provide medical laboratory services with global standards.

Program philosophy

The philosophy of the program is to provide a Master program in medical laboratory sciences in tune with Al-Quds university policy of higher studies. The goal of the program is to qualify graduates in subspecialties/tracks that fulfil the needs of the local medical laboratory services. The program will impact and contribute to the advancement and development of the field of medical laboratory sciences through directing, supporting, encouraging, and facilitating students’ scientific research projects.

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