Bachelor in Paramedics

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Bachelor in Paramedics

The health sector is considered one of the most important pillars of national development. The progress of nations is measured by their focus on healthcare and primary care services provided. As a Palestinian university, it is our responsibility to contribute, even if in a small way, to the development of the healthcare sector in our beloved country. Therefore, we have established various healthcare programs, including the Bachelor’s Program in Paramedic, which is essential for healthcare in both advanced and developing countries.

Al-Quds University provides a vibrant educational environment for its students, fostering creativity, idea exchange, freedom of expression, and innovation in research. Its vision is to continue providing students with the best possible teaching methods while promoting committed citizenship, openness to new ideas, constructive collaboration, and respect for cultures worldwide.

In line with the vision of Al-Quds University and the General Directorate of Paramedic and Emergency in the Palestinian Ministry of Health and the Palestinian Red Crescent – Jerusalem, the idea of the Bachelor’s Program in Paramedic was conceived. The Palestinian healthcare sector urgently needs this program to adapt to the changing political variables on the Palestinian scene and the political situation that affects all our provinces. There is a crucial need for development and specialization in the services of the Palestinian National Authority, especially in the field of healthcare, and for changing the living conditions of the Palestinian people. Medical emergency services are a key component of the global healthcare system, and there is increasing global interest in training specialized medical personnel to handle emergency cases. Studies have shown that 85% of deaths resulting from injuries or medical emergencies can be prevented through proper handling of these cases and optimal time utilization. Time is a critical factor in treating and reducing complications arising from life-threatening injuries and accidents.

Hence, the idea of introducing the Paramedic program was proposed by the Nursing Department at the Faculty of Health Professions – Al-Quds University. This proposal received support from the General Directorate of Ambulance and Emergency in the Palestinian Ministry of Health and the Palestinian Red Crescent – Jerusalem, aiming to improve the level of ambulance services and to qualify and train specialized professionals capable of handling medical emergencies. Palestine has been under Zionist occupation for nearly seventy years, and it has witnessed multiple wars and uprisings, resulting in numerous injuries that could have been reduced if qualified personnel were available to handle emergency cases. This program has been carefully developed and extensively studied, benefiting from academic experiences in neighboring countries, with a focus on the requirements of the Palestinian healthcare situation. Students will also benefit from global advancements in the field of paramedicine, while fostering their own self-capacity and research abilities in this field.

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