Master of Renewable Energy and Sustainability

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Master of Renewable Energy and Sustainability

The Master in Renewable Energy and Sustainability (MRES) program is offered jointly with Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU). Through this program we want to achieve a distinctive level of engineering education and applied research in the Renewable and Sustainable Energy fields. The students are exposed to current and future technologies of renewable energy systems, to integrating energy-related technologies with the economics and financial considerations required to implement them, and to developing leadership and decision-making skills to implement energy systems in the private or public sectors of the local, regional as well as the global market. The MRES program exposes students to a combination of local and European academic and corporate experience in energy-related systems.

There is a growing interest in alternative and renewable energy sector and the need to build the capacity of graduates to familiarize themselves with the requirements of such sectors, and also a remarkable and significant development in the performance of local electricity companies and the need to hire highly qualified engineers in both fields renewable energy & electrical energy fields. For these reasons it has become necessary to keeping abreast of scientific and technological progress in the areas of renewable energy.

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