Bachelor’s Degree in of Psychology

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Bachelor’s Degree in of Psychology

Psychology is the science of mind, brain, and behavior. The establishment of the Department of Psychology2007/2008 came to develop a bachelor’s program in psychology to serve the community and the individual, where it works on the development of capabilities and skills and understand the things that give meaning to life, and choosing to study psychology is the choice of most of the work and specialization, and the selection in order to discover the facts and awareness, as well as Psychology is the logical way of thinking.

Studying psychology at our department will enable the student to identify the greatest theorists, scientists and specialists in the study of human beings and the conditions experienced by, and will enable the understanding of complex behavior, thinking and feelings, when this human being fails or when succeed. It also raises other issues about the development, education, cognition, physiological psychology, personality, adjustment and other topics.

This program adopts an approach Physiology psychologically, socially and culturally, focuses on the psychological aspects of physiology, social, and cultural rights in handling issues of mental health, and works on cooperation and interaction between these disciplines.

Al-Quds University