Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry

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Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry

Obtained Bachelor Degree in Dental Surgery:

The goal of dental education is to produce dentists who are prepared to serve the fundamental purposes of dental medicine. In addition, dentists must possess the attributes that are necessary to meet their individual and collective responsibilities towards society. Emerging from this belief comes the basic aim of the dental faculty at Al Quds University which is to graduate highly qualified dental professionals who are knowledgeable, skillful, dutiful and above all altruistic.
Students passes through two main stages during which they gain all expected knowledge and training to become highly skilled and qualified dentists who can achieve the intended goals in their future career:

Preclinical stage:

This stage is implemented in the first three years, where the student is exposed to all basic medical and dental sciences. The student receives his courses that is served and facilitated by various faculties such as the faculty of science and technology, faculty of medicine, and the faculty of pharmacy.

Clinical stage:

This stage is implemented in the last two years (fourth and fifth), where students are exposed to various specialties of the dental art and medicine; and receive suitable training to become able to treat patients.

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