Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

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Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

Production and services are no longer the ultimate goal of business enterprises, but satisfying and fulfilling the consumer’s desires has become one of the most important tasks it seeks to achieve. To achieve this, business enterprises study many related tasks, such as how to price goods and services, and choose the best ways to deliver them to the consumer after they promote and advertise them to the consumer. Therefore, marketing has become one of the most important disciplines that are taught in institutes and universities. Which deals with how to provide knowledge and tools that can be relied upon and used to study consumer needs and desires and how to achieve them, and the mechanisms for delivering goods and services to consumer groups.

Therefore, the marketing program aims to enable the undergraduate student to possess and absorb knowledge before using it and apply it to perform many tasks as sales manager, marketing research manager, promotion and advertising manager, product development manager, distribution in retail markets, and marketing manager in global markets. The plan includes many theoretical courses necessary to qualify the student after graduation and carry out the aforementioned tasks. This plan also dealt with many applied courses such as specialized topics in marketing and the graduation project, in addition to practical training in the labor market, which will help students understand the requirements for developing marketing goods and services in the local and global markets without neglecting the rapid development in marketing sciences.

The Marketing Program is a major program in the College of Business and Economics at Al-Quds University, and it awards a bachelor’s degree in marketing. The bachelor program is divided into three tracks, the first is the single track in marketing and the second is the major with the possibility of obtaining a minor from within the college or from other colleges at the university, in addition to allowing students from various other disciplines to obtain a marketing certificate as a sub-specialty. The marketing program aims to contribute to graduating batches of qualified scientifically and practically to meet the needs of various institutions in the Palestinian and global community, whether in the public or private sectors, in addition to qualifying the student to join graduate programs in Arab and foreign universities.

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