Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

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Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

The Business Administration program is a major program in the College of Business and Economics at Al-Quds University, and its awards bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The bachelor program is divided into two tracks, the first is the single track in business administration and the second is the major with the possibility of obtaining a minor from within the college or from other faculties at the university. The business administration program aims to graduate scientifically and practically qualified individuals to meet the various institutions needs in the Palestinian and Arab society, whether in the public or private sectors, as well as enabling the student to enroll in postgraduate programs in Arab and foreign universities.

Today, management occupies an important position due to its attachment to most aspects of human activity in one way or another, whether this activity is in factories and businesses or in government or private institutions. The administration skills is important for anyone of us during the completion of the daily work, achieving goals, building institutions, operating factories and enhancing production; and through it the optimal use of material and human resources is achieved.

The Department of Business Administration is based on preparing students to be in managerial and leadership positions. Due to our believe that human capital is the basis for economic, social and political development. Therefore, preparing them in a distinguished manner is an accurate measure of the extent of the department’s success in preparing qualified cadres.

Management theories and philosophy evolve according to life developments and changes, thus, in the economic, social, political and technological changes require managers to develop, change and continuously learn in order to keep pace with the many changes and the speed of interaction with their environments in order to achieve the desired goals effectively.

Management is science, art, practice and training, and it is thought, culture, behavior and interaction, moreover, it is planning, organizing, directing and controlling. It is the implementation of activities through the efforts of others. business administration theories help to addresses the problems facing the workplace and through which decisions are made. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to studying business administration and to single out an independent specialization for it, which has now become one of the most important disciplines in international universities, and distinguished graduates of business administration globally occupy prestigious positions.

Preparing the right man for the right place is the title of success of any nation. The business administration academic plane was carefully reviewed by the dean of the business and economic college and the department faculty members, in addition to consulting professors at American and Arab universities. In addition of reviewing many study plans applied in reputable universities, and the opinions of a group of distinguished managers in a number of Palestinian business establishments were taken, which include commercial, industrial and service companies, as well as governmental, semi-governmental and private institutions to make sure that we came with the best possible academic plan.

All of this contributed to the output of this plan in a way that combined theory and practical application. The current plan was distinguished from other previous study plans or that plans offered in other universities in providing many courses necessary for the managers. In order to reach distinguished outputs from students, the plan included new courses under the title of leadership and innovation, this is in addition to various other theoretical and practical courses related to project management functions as marketing, human resource management, financial management, production management, and other courses that support the program goals.

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