Master’s Degree in Criminology

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Master's Degree in Criminology

The program was established in the academic year 2014-2015, making Al-Quds University the first Palestinian university to offer a Master’s degree in Criminology through a joint program with the University of Jordan. This was made possible by signing a Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Jordan/Amman and Al-Quds University/Palestine, in order to strengthen cultural and scientific cooperation between the two universities. The program aims to develop the specialization between the Faculty of Arts at Al-Quds University and the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Jordan.

The program includes theoretical and applied aspects in the field of criminology, deviance, and related sciences. The courses in the program are presented in a way that allows students to move from basic knowledge and skills to in-depth analysis and interpretation. The program aims to increase students’ knowledge of the concepts, terminology, and theories necessary for analyzing and interpreting phenomena related to crime and deviance according to scientific and specialized foundations. Upon successful completion of all graduation requirements of the program, the program awards a Master’s degree recognized by the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education.

Program Vision:

The program aims to prepare a cadre of graduates who are qualified and specialized in understanding the phenomena of crime and deviance, as well as understanding the threats that threaten individuals and society alike, specifically those threats resulting from modern developments and positively employing them to combat crime and deviance and prevent it. The program is highly effective in meeting the needs and requirements of security sectors and local institutions related to qualified and specialized personnel in criminal justice and criminology.

Program Philosophy:

The program philosophy is generally based on the scientific and practical contribution to enhancing the professional status, capabilities, and skills of workers in the specialized fields of deviation and crime. In addition, it aims to prepare specialists and researchers in the field of criminology at the prevention and control level, particularly in the field of rehabilitation and social care within the reform institutions for juveniles and adults. It also focuses on the development of security policies for preventing and combating crime and deviance, and providing government sectors, especially the security sectors, with personnel capable of linking the theoretical aspect to the practical side, and familiarizing themselves with the necessary theories and knowledge to understand the phenomenon of crime and deviance, and security threats, especially the recent developments in the field of criminology. The program aims to utilize these scientific developments practically and specifically in the field of crime prevention and control.

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