Ashraf Abu Khayran


• Post Doctorate in Special Education, Granada University, Granada, Spain.
• International Ph.D. Educational Sciences. in (Curriculum& Teacher training).Granada University, Granada, Spain.
• Ph.D. Candidate in Woman’s Studies, Granada University, Granada, Spain.
• M.A. in Education in (Investigation and Innovation in Curriculum and Formation).Granada University, Granada, Spain.
• Diploma of Advanced Studies in Education in (Fundamentals of the Curriculum and Formation of the teachers in the Primary and Secondary Education),Granada University, Granada, Spain.
• Educational Administration, Al-Quds University, Jerusalem, Palestine.
• B.A. in Elementary Education, Bethlehem University, Bethlehem, Palestine .
• Certified Trainer for The CoRT thinking programme, Debono Center for Teaching Thinking, Amman, Jordan.

Research interests :

Teaching Activities:

Providing respect and support for the development of students as individuals and thereby contributing to creating the unique bond experience for students in their learning.
Courses: Test & measurement, Scientific Research, Children with Special Needs, Development Psychology, Foundations of Education, Educational psychology, Teaching Materials, Logical Thinking, World civilizations, Development & Education and a Society, Instructional Design, Behavior Modification, Classroom Management, socialization, Introduction to Education, Children’s literature, Health education of the child, and School management.
(MASTER Graduate students).Children’s Literature and Teaching Methods for pre K, Supervision of Master theses and Action researches).
Al-Quds Bard College – MAT Program (Teaching as Reflective Practice TARP, Classroom Research Projects, Supervision of Master theses and Action researches).


1. “Perceptions and expectations of Palestinian teachers towards inclusive education in Bethlehem District” ”. Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology, 12 (2), 461-482.DOI:
2. The portrayal of the Palestinian identity in Palestinian civic and national school books” PhD Thesis, University of Granada, Spain.
3. “Palestinian Curriculum from an Israeli Perspective” Journal of Curriculum and Teacher Education, PROFESORADO.15(1).175-185.
4. Book:“The Basics of Logical Thinking”/ “Asasiyat Al-tafkeerAlmanteqi” 2nd Ed: Maktabat Dar Al Feker, Jerusalem, Palestine

Al-Quds University