Financial Aid



How can you help

Helping needy student is an investment in the future, Palestine future, through enhancing the educational process, building future generations cable of contributing positively toward building and developing the Palestinian society.
You can help graduate one or more needy outstanding students through:

  1. Providing scholarships to cover tuition fees
  2. and/or adopting a student for his entire academic studies
  3. and/or covering students debts
  4. and/or covering graduates debts

Your contribution amount can be made through the following banks account:

Arab Bank

  • Arab Bank - Palestine - Bethany Branch
  • Al-Quds University - Financail Aid Account
  • Account #: 307224
  • swift cods: ARABPS 22100
  • IBAN :PS91 ARAB 0000 0000 9100 3072 2451 0 /$
Bank of Palestine
  • Bank of Palestine - Palestine - Abu Dees Branch
  • Al-Quds University - Financail Aid Account
  • Account #: 575858

Please Note: The poverty level decreases with the increase of the living standards of householders. In 2005, the poverty percent among families whose householders did not exceed the elementary educational level reached to 41.4%. On the other hand, householders of Bachelor degrees and higher is only 9.6%.