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Enrollment Guide for Undergraduates



Enrollment Guide for Postgraduates

Transfer students

Transferring from another university

Students transferring from other universities can join any of the disciplines in the undergraduate or postgraduate programs offered at Al Quds University after obtaining the needed approvals from the units of interest at the University.

Students transferring from other universities (local or internationally) will be accepted by the Faculties of concern, as follows:

  • Transferred from a recognized university or institute

  • Successfully completed at least one semester according to the credit hours system based on the Academic Study System.

  • Meet the requirements of the faculty / specialization to which the student wants to transfer to.

Important Note: taking into account the particularities of the different faculties, only half of the credit hours of the students transferring are usually calculated based on the academic year accreditation. Other cases as looked into separately from the parties of concern.

Each student wishing to transfer to Al Quds University should provide the Admission Department (Abu Dis campus) with the following documents, after filling the application form:

  • A certified copy of grade transcript from the university transferring from. If the student transferred from a non local Arab or foreign university, s/he should provide a letter from the Ministry of Education proving that the university is a recognized one in the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

  • A description of the courses studied, proven that s/he successfully passed 30 credit hours before moving to Al Quds University.

  • An official letter from the university transferring from describing his/her academic situation.