Hasan Salah Dweik


Vice President for Science and Society Professor of Polymer Science and Technology & Industrial Chemistry. Al-Quds University –Jerusalem –Palestine P.O.Box 51000


Al-Quds University,Abdel-Hamid Shoman St. Beit Hanina –Jerusalem And Abu-Dies Campus –Jerusalem.

Home Address: E.jerusalem    21-Hariri St. Tel.02-6273187


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Employment History

  • 2012--Now: Vice President for Science and Society
  • 2005-2012: Executive Vice President –Al-Quds University
  • 2011-2012: Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • 2004-2005: Acting President of AL-Quds University,
  • 2002-2004: Director of Science Education Program,

Faculty of Science and Technology - Al-Quds University

  • 2002--Now: Founder  and Director of Science and Mathematics Museums .
  • 1999-2002: Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology –Al-Quds          University
  • 1996-1999: Head, Dept of Food Technology, Al-Quds University
  • 1994-1996: Head, Dept Chemistry and Chemical Technology –Al-Quds     University
  • 1992-1994: Associate Professor of Polymer Chemistry, Dept of Chemistry and Chemical Technology –Al-Quds University
  • 1991-1992: Post Doctorate Research Fellow ,University of Akron ,Institute of Polymer Science ,Akron ,Ohio ,USA
  • 1990-1991: Assistant to the Dean for Academic Affairs  ,Faculty of Science and Technology ,Al-Quds University.
  • 1983-1990: Head, Dept of Chemical Technology, Faculty of Science and Technology –Al-Quds University
  • 1981-1983: Demonstrator, Part Time, The University of Aston in   Birmingham –England
  • 1981-1983: Post Graduate Rota (students affairs on campus),Part Time ,The University of Aston in Birmingham ,England



1979-1983         : PhD,

  • Field of Study    : Chemistry and Technology of Polymers:               
  • Title of Thesis   : The Behavior of Substituted Diaryl Nitroxyl Radicals and Their Derivatives as Antifatigue Agents for Rubbers The University of Aston in Birmingham, England
  • Supervisor        : Prof.G.Scott.

* No Access to this Thesis for Two Years. From March 83 to March 1985. For Patent Registration. it was Financed by (NRDC). National Research and Development, corporation later to become British Technology group (BTG)

1978-1979      : MSc.

  • Field of study : Chemistry and Technology of Polymers
  • Title of Thesis: Transition Metal Complexes of Mercaptobenzimidazole as   UV Activators for Polypropylene.
  • Supervisor     : Prof. Gerald Scott


1973-1976: BSc. In Chemistry, The University of Jordan ,Faculty of Science  Amman ,JORDAN
1972-1973: Intensive English Language Course. Completed 50 Credits of Undergraduate Courses. Birzeit University, WEST BANK, PALESTINE


1983-2015 Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Al-Quds University .Course taught for:

1. Undergraduate Courses:

  • Polymer Chemistry and Technology
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Material Science
  • Organic Chemistry I and II
  • Organic Chemistry  for Biology Students.
  • Organic Analytical Chemistry
  • Agrochemicals and Related Industries
  • Detergents, Soaps and Cosmetics
  • General Chemistry I and II

Graduate Courses

  • 1994-2015: Chemistry of  Plastics , Rubbers and Fibers. -Industrial Detergents and Cosmetics
  • 1980-1983: Demonstrator for BSc. and MSc. Students, of Polymer Chemistry and Technology, the University of Aston in Birmingham –England
  • 1976-1978: Teaching at the Industrial Secondary School in Jerusalem  

Scientific & Admin. Committees

  • Head, Dept. of Chemical Technology. 1983-1990.
  • Member, College of Science and Technology Council 1983-1990.
  • Member, Heads of Departments Council. 1984-1987
  • Member, the Committee for Selection of Faculty members.
  • Member, the Central Committee of Inventory. 1984.    
  • Member, the Academic Council of the College of Science And Technology.1984-1990.
  • Member, the Preparatory Committee for the 1st Conference  on Applied Scientific Research.1984.
  • Chairman, Chemistry Symposium of the Conference on Applied Scientific Research. 1984.
  • Member, the Committee of Research and Seminars.    1984.
  • Member, the First Graduation Day.1985.
  • Member, the Organizing Committee of the First Graduation day.
  • Member, Committee for General Cultural Courses. 1985.
  • Member, the Editorial Board of the College. Journal of Science and Technology ( For 3 volumes). 1985-1987
  • Member, the "Committee on" The Academic Rules and  Regulations of the College of Science and Technology. 1987.
  • Member, the Committee for Admission of New Students. 1987.
  • Member, the Committee for Setting up Laws-Rules and Regulation of the College of Science and Technology. 1987.
  • Head-Committee for Future Needs for Development of Scientific Departments. 1990.
  • Head-Committee of Faculty Selection. 1991-1992.
  • Assistant to the Dean for Academic affairs. 1990-1991.
  • Member, the Committee for Establishing Forms of Evaluation of Faculty and Staff of the College of Science and Technology. 1991.
  • Fulbright Award./USA. 1991-1992.
  • Member, the Committee on Student Council and Students Problems, (Tuition fees). 1992.
  • Member of the Committee on Graduation Day. 1992.
  • Member of the Committee of the Dept. of Food Technology. 1993.
  • Member of the Committee on Elections for Student Council. 1993.
  • Head of the Committee on Final Exams of the College. 1994
  • Head Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Technology. 1994-996.
  • Member of the Committee on Higher Education Programs-Council of Higher  Education. 1994.
  • Member of the Committee on Scholarships. 1994-1995.
  • Member of the Committee on setting up Laws- Rules and  Regulation of  Faculty of Science at Al-Quds University. 1995.
  • Member of the Committee on University Publications. 1996.
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the University Journal for Scientific Research.
  • Head, Department of Food Technology. 1997-1999
  • Dean , Faculty of Science and Technology. 1999-2002
  • Head the Faculty of Science and Technology Council 1999-2002
  • Member, The University Academic Council. 1999-2002
  • Member, the University Higher Education Council. 1999-2002
  • Member, the University Research Council. 1999-2002
  • Member, the Committee on New Students Enrollment. 1999-2002
  • Member, the Academic Promotion Committee. 1997-2004
  • Director of Science Education Program. 2002-2007
  • Director of Science and Mathematics Museums. 2002-Now
  • Acting President of the University, 2004-2005
  • Executive Vice President of  the University. 2005-2012
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs. 2011-2012
  • Vice President for Science and society. 2012-Now
  • Head ,Academic Promotion Committee. 2012-Now

Names and Dates of Professional Honors , Award,Fellowships:-

  • Fellow - Salzburg Seminar July 1991., Salzburg ,Austria
  • CIES - Fulbright Award Sept. 1991-Sept.1992.the University of Akron , Institute of Polymer Science , Ohio -    USA.
  • French Consulate in Jerusalem Award, Research at the University of Bordeaux, Sept, 15th-Oct.15th, 1994, Bordeaux, France
  • French Consulate in Jerusalem  Award ,Research at The University Of Bordeaux,  Oct ,1st -30th ,1995,Bordeaux ,France visiting lecturer at the university of Pavia /Italy 2012 ,for short module.   


  • Plastic and Rubber Institute. England.11-Hobart Place, London SWIW OH.
  • American Chemical Society (U.S.A).
  • The Royal Society of Chemistry (U.K).
  • Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem - Member of the Executive Committee.
  • Hisham Hijawi Prize for Applied Science and Technology –Member of the Steering Committee, For Jordan and Palestine  Since 2002.
  • United Nations Development Program (UNDP), small grant program  SGP, Member of the National Steering Committee Since 2002
  • UNESCO, Member of the National Committee on Science and Technology
  • Member of the Selecting Committee for the Fulbright Scholarships Program   Provided by the USA Consulate General in Jerusalem  Since  2006.
  • Member of the Committee  on  Freedom and Responsibility in the Conduct of Science (CFRS) ,at the international council of Science (ICSU) , Paris /France , 2012- to date



  • Science and Technology Research Symposium (1984) Al-Quds University, College of Science and Technology ,Abu-Dies, Jerusalem, Chairman of Chemistry Symposium, April, 12-21,1984
  • United Nations Symposium on Product Promotion and Marketing for Palestinian Women’s Unions and Women Institutions in the West Bank and Gaza(UNDP), Palace Hotel –Jerusalem-May ,15-22 ,1986
  • Towards a Better Understanding to the Needs of the People of the West Bank and Gaza, Organized by the Graduate Union ,Hebron Polytechnic, Hebron., Sept. 28-30,1986 West Bank, Palestine
  • The First Palestinian Conference on Environment,(1987) ,Organized by Bethlehem University, Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine
  • Scientific Research in Occupied Territories, Organized by Hebron University, Nov.11th, 1986, Hebron, West Bank, Palestine.
  • Al-Quds Open University Curriculum (1988), Participation in a Workshop on Distance Education Curriculum Development ,Feb-March, 1998 ,Al-Quds Open University ,Amman, Jordan
  • Strategies and Priorities of Scientific Research in West Bank and Gaza, Organized by Applied Research Institute, Aug.3rd, 1990. Beitlehem, West Bank. Palestine
  • The First Palestinian Conference for Investment and Businessmen Dec, 20th 1993, The Ambassador hotel, Jerusalem
  • Water Resources in Palestine, Future Challenges and Occupation, Organized by the Applied Research Institute Aug.6th, 1994, Beitlehem -West Bank, Palestine
  • The Development of Secondary Education in East Jerusalem Schools Planning Centre, July.28th, 1994 Arab Studies Society, Jerusalem.
  • The Challenges of Palestinian Environment ,Organized by Eco-Peace, Middle East ,World Environment Center USA, and The National Palestinian Committee for Education, Culture and Science,March.22,1996 Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine
  • Information Technology and Multimedia for Higher Education(1997) Organized by Ministry of Higher Education & Dept.of Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Technology,March,5-7,1997,Al-Quds University ,Abu-Dies ,Palestine
  • International Professional Forum In the Middle East and MECOP,
  1. Towards A Common Ethics-Compared Deontologist
  2. Partnership-Our Fruitful Differences
  3. Projects and Perspectives-Concretizations and Development .April,6-10,1997  Hyatt Hotel ,Dead Sea .
  • Towards the Establishment of Science Technology and Society Program(STS) at Al-Quds University ,May 15,1997, Al-Quds university ,Abu-Dies Campus Jerusalem. Palestine.
  • Campaigning for Our Environment Eco-Peace Middle East Environmental NGO Forum, May, 28-30, 1997 Neptune Hotel,  Eilat .
  • Breastfeeding and Nutrition Training  Workshop , Presented a Paper on Food Preservation, Nov.8-11,1997,Organized by Ministry of Health Community. Palestine
  • Second Palestinian Food Day  ,Organized by Palestinian Food Industries Association ,Arts and Culture Center ,Nov.20th, 1997 Jericho, Palestine
  • The First  Scientific Day in Physics  , Faculty of Science and Technological Al-Quds University ,March,12, 1998, Abu-Dies Campus ,West bank Palestine  
  • Second Scientific Day in Medicine, Faculty of Medicine ,Al-Quds University ,March,15th , 1998 Abu-Dies ,Jerusalem ,Palestine
  • The Profile of Palestinian Food Industries  ,Organized by the Department of Food Technology ,Faculty of Science and Technology, Al-Quds University April,20th, 1998 , Abu-Dies, Jerusalem, Palestine
  • Computers and Multimedia , Organized by Department of Computer Science ,Faculty of Science and Technology ,Al-Quds University,May.17th, 1998  Abu-Dies, Jerusalem ,Palestine.
  • Strategic Planning for The Food Industries in Palestine ,Organized by the Palestinian Food Industries Association, July,1st, 1998  Rammalah ,Palestine
  • Information Technology and Higher Education  ,A Workshop Organized by  the Ministry of Higher Education,  March.13, 2000 Rammallah, Palestine.
  • Upgrading Palestinian Research Structure in the International Expert Workshop on Experiences and Perspective of Palestinian –European Cooperation in Scientific Research ,European Union,Feb.29-March.2,2000, Rammallah,  Palestine


  • Polymer Degradation and Stabilization Group, University of Manchester, Sept, 1980, Manchester, England.
  • Polymer Degradation and Stabilization Group, University of Sussex, Sept.1981, Brighton, England.
  • Industrial Chemistry Symposium, Royal Chemical Society, August 1982, Birmingham, England.
  • Salzburg Seminar , Negotiating Trade-offs, Harmonizing the Environment and Development, May, 19-31, 1991 ,Salzburg, Austria
  • Rubber Division    ,American Chemical Society ,Oct.1991.Kentucky ,USA
  • Variety in Rubber Science  , The University of Akron, Institute of Polymer Science, Nov. 1991 Akron, Ohio, USA
  • International Perspective in Teaching Chemistry,   University of Nebraska-Lincoln, March.23-27,  1992  Lincoln,USA
  • Ecological Development in the Middle East, Norralatin, Stockholm, Feb.7-14 ,  1995 ,Sweden
  • Environmental Heritage of the Gulf of Aqaba and its Sustainable Development Eco-Peace, Regional Middle East Environmental Forum, Semiramis Inter-Continental   Hotel , March.22-29, 1995, Cairo, Egypt.
  • The Second France-Korea Joint Symposium on Solid State Chemistry CNRS,Oct. 2-3 , 1995, University of Bordeaux ,Bordeaux ,France.
  • The Arab Conference for Investment and Food Security Ambassador Hotel, Dec.9-13,1995, Amman ,Jordan
  • The Use of Computers And Multimedia in Teaching Chemistry, A UNESCO Workshop Organized at the Hashemite University, Nov.2-3, 1996 Zarqa, Jordan.
  • Deans of Faculties of Sciences in The Arab Countries meeting To Establish the Society of Deans of Faculties of Sciences in The Arab Countries ,Organized by  Association of Arab Universities,Nov, 1999, University of Bahrain, Bahrain.
  • Hisham-Hijawi Prize for Applied Science and Technology Research, Attending the Steering Committee for this Prize, July.3-5, 2000, Amman, Jordan.
  • Science and Scientific Research and Globalization, in Conference on Globalization, Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Arab Countries,  Tunis University for Science Technology and Medicine, .Nov.20-23,2002, Tunis .
  • Hisham-Hijawi Prize for Applied Research in Science and Technology , Attending the Steering Committee Meeting for this Prize, Feb.9-16, 2001 Cairo, Egypt.
  • Joint Environmental Mediation Services (JEMS), A Workshop on Environmental Mediation, Organized by IPCRI (Israel Palestine Centre For Research and Information), Feb.19-22, 2001Antalia, Turkey.
  • German-Palestinian Co-Operation in Scientific Research, A Workshop Developing Research Project Between the Environmental Research Center UFZ and Al-Quds University, June.2-10, 2001 Leipzig, Germany.
  • German –Palestinian Co-Operations in Scientific Research, A Final Meeting on the Implementation of the Project by the Joint Researchers.Jan.5-12, 2002 Leipzig, Germany.
  • Joint Environmental Mediation Services (JEMS) Meeting, A Workshop Organized by IPCRI, Feb.19-22, 2002 Antalya, Turkey.
  • Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade Zone, An Environmental Perspective, a Workshop Organized by Friends of the Earth Middle East FoEME, March.1-3, 2002 Amman, Jordan.
  • Fund Raising Mission to the Gulf States ,United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Jordan, May 5th-June14th,2002
  • Water Forum ,A Meeting Organized by Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information, Oct.31-Nov.3, 2002 Antalya, Turkey.
  • The European Collaboration on Science Industry and Technology Exhibitions (ECSITE) Conference  , Attend this Conference in Preparation for the European Funded Project on Science Education at Al-Quds University,,Nov.13-20,  2002 ,London, England.
  • Consortium on Chemical Hazards , Attend the Regional Consortium on Chemical Hazards in The Middle East, Organized by Search for Common Grounds ,Jan.28-31,  2003 ,Prague, Cheq Republic
  • Hisham Hijawi Prize for Applied Science and Technology, Attend the Steering Committee Meeting, April. 8, 2003 Amman, Jordan.
  • Assembly of European Region (AER),Empowering the Young People at the European region),Sept,7-13, 2003 ,Naples, Italy
  • World Science Forum, World Science Day for Peace and Development, Nov.7-11, 2003, Budapest, Hungary.
  • The Palestinian –Italian workshop on the Traveling Exhibition on Mathematics, Sept. 8-13, 2004, Naples. Italy
  • The Second Israeli-Palestinian –International conference on Water in the Middle East , Organized by IPCRI , Co Chair of conference ,Oct.10-14,2004, Antalya ,Turkey
  • The European Collaboration of Science ,Industry and Technology Exhibitions (ECSITE) conference ,Nov.2-7, 2004 , Barcelona ,Spain
  • Lille  Festival ,Europe’s Cultural City 2004, Scientific Cooperation in the Middle East ,Nov.18-21, 2004 ,Lille ,France   
  • The Association of Arab Universities Annual Meeting  , The University of Hulwan ,  April, 21-28,2005, Cairo, Egypt
  • Meeting and Workshop on Intellectual Property, Organized by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), May, 26-29, 2005 Geneva, Switzerland.
  • A workshop on the Palestinian German Research projects with UFZ ,July, 10-14,  2005, Leipzig , Germany
  • Frontiers of Chemical Sciences , Malta II ,Chemical Education in the Middle East ,Organized by the American Chemical Society ,Nov.5-10, 2005, Malta
  • World Science Forum, ,World Science Day for Peace and Development , Organized by UNESCO and  Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Nov,10-14, 2005 Budapest ,Hungary
  • External Examiner for The MSc students in Social Sciences and Humanitarian Affairs ,University of Rome ,Lasepianza, June.23-25 ,2006 Rome ,Italy.
  • 18th International Conference on Chemical Education, August 3-7,2004,     Istanbul (Hilton Hotel),Turkey.
  • Palestinian-Israeli-Netherlands Research Cooperation, A workshop on Cooperation in Social Science, April18-22, 2006, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • The European Collaboration of Science Industry and Technology Exhibitions (ECSITE) conference ,Technopolis,the Flemish Science Centre ,June,8-10,2006 , Mechlen,Belgium.
  • Genoa Science Festival, A Press conference ,organized by UNESCO and Genoa Municipality ,Oct. 10-12 ,2006, Rome ,Italy
  • Genoa Science Festival ,Presentation of the Science Museum at Al-Quds University , Nov., 7-8 ,2006,Genoa, Italy.
  •  Palestinian French workshop on Web site for Science Education, Nov. 13-18, 2006 ,Trielle , South of France .
  • German –Israeli-Palestinian Workshop with the University of Gottingen Cooperation in Research, Nov. 29, 2006, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Joint Palestinian –German Research on Fish Farming, University of Hohenheim, Nov 30--Dec, 2, 2006, Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Workshop on the History of water in the Middle East , Organized by UNESCO and the Region of Perogia, Dec.,3-6,2006 , Perogia, Italy .
  • Euro-Mediterranean and Black Sea Observatory Networking Workshop May,23-25  (2007)  Procida,Naples
  • The European Collaboration of Science Industry and Technology Exhibitions (ECSITE) Annual Conference, Ciencia Viva, May 31st -2nd June 2007, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Promotion of the  Trilateral project (German , Palestine , Israel)the Center for European Studies ,Meeting at the German  Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 23-24 July ,2007 , Berlin ,Germany .  
  • The Second Middle East Symposium in Dental Medicine ,Organized by The Hebrew university ,Al-Quds university ,and Hacettepe University ,Ankara 6-9, Sept., 2007, Antalya ,Turkey .
  • International Berau of Education (IBE) of UNESCO , Curriculum Development ,a Master Program in Social Sciences and Humanitarian Affairs in cooperation with La Sapienza University (Rome) ,8-10, October 2007, Geneva , Switzerland .
  • A Special lecture on Science and Peace Delivered at The Italian Parliament ,Organized by the Italian Parliament ,16-19, Oct . 2007, Rome ,Italy .
  • The Palestinian European American Cooperation in Education Conference (P.E.A.C.E.), Organized by UNESCO and the European Universities Network 3-7,Nov. 2007, Paris ,France
  • World Science Forum, ,World Science Day for Peace and Development, Organized by UNESCO and  Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Nov,7-11, 2007 , Budapest ,Hungary
  • Frontiers of Chemical Sciences. Presented a Paper Entitled Synthesis and Characterization of Transition Metal Complexes to Polyacrylonitrile ,8-13,Dec ,2007 ,Istanbul , Turkey .
  • US-Islamic World Forum ,Organized by Saban Center at Brookings  ,USA ,The Status of Science and Research in the Islamic World , 15-19,Feb ,2008 Doha ,Qatar .
  • Water Shortage ,Energy Crises and Climate change in the Mediterranean  Countries, Organized by Academi National de lenci  in Rome , presented a Paper ,Water Crises in Palestine ,Health and Environmental issues ,2-5,May, 2008 Rome , Italy
  • European University Student  Forum ,organized by  European Association of  International Studies , Presented a Paper  European Union and Universities promoting Peace and Solidarity  at the European Parliament in Rome ,23-26, June 2008 ,Rome ,Italy
  • North Africa and middle East Science Museums  Network (NAMES),General Assembly Meeting in Alexandria Library ,Alexandria ,31Oct—6-Nov.2008,Alexandria Egypt .
  • US-Islamic World Forum ,Organized by Saban Center ,Status of Science Education and Scientific Research in the Arab World ,13-18,Feb ,2009 ,Doha ,Qatar .
  • Erasmus –Mundus ,Program Launch of  European Partnerships with the Participation of Al-Quds  University ,Presented a Paper on International Science Cooperation in Research and Education ,Organized by University of Brussels in Belgium ,4-9,Oct.2009 ,Delhi ,India .
  • World Science Forum ,organized by the Hungarian Academy of Science ,Presented a Paper on Science Diplomacy , ,4-8 Nov ,2009 Budapest ,Hungary.
  • Frontiers of Chemical Sciences (1V),Research and Education in the Middle East Organized by the American Chemical Society ,UNESCO ,and Chicago College ,14-19, Nov.2009 ,Amman –Jordan
  • Innovation and Scientific Research Forum, Organized by the European Union and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Egypt, Presented a Paper on Scientific research and Innovation in Palestine, 24-29 Jan 2010, Cairo, Egypt .
  • Binational Fulbright Conference in Egypt (US- Egypt), Promoting Science Education and Research, Presented a Paper on Scientific Research in Palestine 14-18, March 2010, Cairo, Egypt.
  • All-European Academies(ALLEA) Meeting ,organized by the Norwegian Academy of Science ,Promoting Science Education and Research in Palestine ,presented a Paper ,How Europe can Promote Science Education and Research in Palestine ,5-9,June 2010 Oslo ,Norway .
  • Graduation Event of International Students on Language and Culture in Italy ,Organized by The University of Turin ,22-25,July ,2010 Turin ,Italy .
  • North Africa and Middle East Science Museums Network (NAMES) ,the Second Biannual  Conference ,15-19 ,October ,2010 ,Kuwait city ,Kuwait
  • Child and Promise Foundation ,Fund Raising Dinner for needy students ,27-28 October 2010 ,Abu Dhabi ,United Arab Emirates
  • Science for Peace Conference ,Organized by Veronese Foundation , 17-20 November ,2010 ,Milan ,Italy
  • Biannual meeting of the  Palestinian european American cooperation in Education  (PEACE )Network ,University  Polytechnic of Catalonia ,20-22 ,Nov.2010 Barcelona ,Spain
  • The 5th International Conference on Higher Education ,Higher Education Commitment to Sustainability from Understanding to Action ,Barcelona ,23-25,Nov 2010 Barcelona ,Spain
  • Annual meeting of the International Scientific Council of Israeli Palestinian Science Organization ( IPSO ),UNESCO Office ,15-18,Dec ,2010 ,Paris , France
  • The Upper Council Meeting of Al-Quds Bard partnership ,Bard College ,13-20 March 2011 ,New York ,USA
  • The Palestinian Academic Delegation Meetings on Cooperation with Istanbul Technical University ,30 April-4 May 2011 ,Istanbul ,Turkey
  • A conference on  Science and Research in Conflict Area ,Organized by  Research Triangle International (RTI-USA  ), Sapir College ,and the Cyprus Institute 2-6-June 2011 , Nicosia ,Cyprus
  • Attending the bi annual  world Science Forum (WSF) ,15-17,Nov.2011 ,Budapest ,Hungry
  • International Symposium on Governance at Higher education Institutions in the Arab world  organized by the world bank ,18-21, Nov. ,Cairo ,Egypt
  • Frontiers of Chemical Sciences Conference (Malta V) Education and Research in the Middle East ,4-9,Dec 2011, Paris ,UNESCO headquarter ,France
  • Consortium meeting on the 7th Frame EU funded project (CLICO )implemented by IPSO on security and climate change in the middle east 17-21,Jan 2012 ,Brussels ,Belgium
  • An International Conference on Personalized Medicine , presented a talk 1-5, Feb ,2012 ,Florence ,Italy
  • International Symposium Science consciousness ,and peace ,organized by the French ambassador to UNESCO  ,2-6,June 2012  ,Paris , France
  • (as part of IPSO activity to fund raise for research in the region)
  • Meeting with director general of UNESCO (Bocova) ,IPSO research proposals ,9,Oct 2012,UNESCO DG office , Paris ,France .
  • International Council of Science regular meeting (ICSU ), ICSU office , 9-11 Oct 2012,Paris ,France.
  • Visiting Professor at Pavia University offered lectures in the master’s Program in International Affairs and Climate Change ,12-17,October 2012,Pavia ,Italy .
  • A meeting at UNESCO organized by the French ambassador to UNESCO ,Head of French Academy, the Brazilian Ambassador to UNESCO and the French Institute to support IPSO research proposals.16-19,Dec. 2012,Paris ,France
  • 2nd international symposium at UNESCO on science consciousness and peace, organized by the French ambassador to UNESCO, 1-5, April 2013, Paris, France (this activity is part of IPSO fundraising efforts ).
  •  International conference on Research Integrity, 5-8, May 2013, Montreal, Canada .
  • International Council of Science(ICSU ) regular meeting , of Committee on Freedom and Responsibility of Science ,9-10,May 2013 , Montreal ,Canada .
  • International council of Science (ICSU) regular meeting of Committee on Freedom and Responsibility of Science (CFRS) ,6-10,October 2013  ,Paris ,France.
  • Frontiers of Chemical Sciences Conference (Malta VI) Research and Education in the Middle East ,10-16, Nov 2013, Malta.
  • The World Science Forum (WSF) 24-30,November, 2013 ,Rio dejanero ,Brazil
  • International workshop on Science Assessment and Research Integrity organized by the Chinese academy of science and International council of science (ICSU )and meetings of committee on freedom and responsibility of science (CFRS)
  • 6-12, April 2014, Beijing, China .
  • International workshop on the EU research and innovation program Horizon 2020  as part of the DEPAL2 –project ,19-23,May 2014 ,Brussels ,Belgium.
  • International Council of Science (ICSU) regular meeting of Committee on Freedom and Responsibility of Science (CFRS) ,13-15 ,October 2014  ,Paris ,France.
  • Final workshop on the DEPAL -2 project with all partners with participation of Al-Quds University delegation ,16-19,Feb. 2015 ,Brussels ,Belgium
  • International Council of Science (ICSU) regular meeting of Committee on Freedom and Responsibility of Science (CFRS) ,25-28 , March  2015  ,Paris ,France.
  • Science Diplomacy conference ,organized by the European commission ,DG science and Innovation ,12-13,April ,2015 Amman ,Jordan .
  • XII international Symposium of University Professors, and European and Mediterranean University Rectors    organized by Rome tre University ,and Vicariate Di Roma ,presented a paper on University and New Humanism, 23-26, June ,Rome Italy .



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