Wadie Sultan


Assistant Professor in Polymer Chemistry


Department of Chemistry, Room 1222, College of Science and Technology, Al-Quds University, Jerusalem, Palestine, P.O. Box 20002


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  • B.Sc. in Chemistry, July, 1990, Middle East Technical University, Ankara-Turkey
  • M.Sc. in Organometallic Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry),Feb., 1993 Middle East Technical University, Ankara-Turkey
  • Ph.D. in polymer Chemistry ( Physical Chemistry), Sep., 1998, Middle East Technical University, Ankara-Turkey.
  • Awarded Tempus fellowship in 2003 and DAAD fellowship for two months in 2006

Research interests

  • Synthesis and characterization of polymer metal complexes.

Teaching activities

Undergraduate Courses

  • General Chemistry I (Chem 101)
  • General Chemistry II (Chem 102)
  • Organic Chemistry Lab I (Chem 213)
  • Physical Chemistry I (Chem 221)
  • Physical Chemistry Lab II (Chem 324)
  • Analytical Chemistry I (Chem 241)
  • Industrial Chemistry (Chem 352)
  • Fats, waxes and oils (Chem 353)
  • Polymer Chemistry (Chem 358)
  • Petrochemicals (Chem 451)
  • Selected Topics in Technology(Chem 470)

Graduate Courses

  • Technology of fats and oils(Chem 665)
  • Advanced Topics in Technology(Chem 700)

Selected publications

  • Master Thesis: Retardation effect of trimethylphosphite on chelate ring closure of cis W (CO) 4(POME)(2,2 bip). February 1993
  • Kayran, S. Ozkar and W. Sultan, J. Chem. Soc.Dalton Trasaction, Vol.15, pp; 2239-2241,1994
  • Ph.D. Thesis: Synthesis and Characterization of ploy ( dihalophenylene oxide)s through the thermal decomposition of transition metal complexes of the halogenated phenols. September1998.Ankara, Turkey
  • Ö.Şentürk,W.Sultan,D.Kısakürek, Polymerization and characterization of various tetrakis(trihalophenolato)Ce(IV) complexes in the solid state and in the melt. "Reactive and functional Polymers", 53, (2002)73 -81
  • W.Sultan, JP Busnel, Journal of Thermal analysis and Calorimetry,Volume 83/2 pp 355-359,2006
  • G.çelik, W. sultan, D. kısakürek, atom transfer rearrengement radical polymerization of (2, 4, 6-trihalophenolato) Fe(II) / Ce (III) / Ce(IV) complexes in solid state. e-polymers, , (2006)1
  • H.Dweik,W.Sultan,M.Sowwan and S.makharzeh,Synthesis ,characterization and some properties of copper Polyacrylamide Complexes, International Journal of polymeric materials, Volume 57, Issue 3 (2008) 228 - 244
  • Mukhles Sowwan, Mayy Magalseh, Imad Ibrahim , Sami Makharza ,Wadie Sultan and H.Dweik Effect of Cu+2 Doping on the Nano -Scale Surface Roughness of Polyacrylamide Thin Replicas. International Journal of Polymeric Material Volume 57, Issue 4 (2008) 396 - 403.
  • Mukhles Sowwan, Maryam Faroun, Ishaq Musa, Imad Ibrahim, Sami Makharza, Wadie Sultan and Hasan Dweik"Study on the morphology of polyacrylamide - silica fumed nanocomposite thin films" International Journal of Physical Sciences Vol. 3 (6) (2008)144-147.