Abdulhakeem Abdulhay Eideh


Assistant Professor of Statistics


Al-Quds University, Abu-Dies - Jerusalem, P.O. Box 20002, Jerusalem, Palestine


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  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem, PhD, Statistics – Faculty of Social Science, March 1998 – July 2003.
  • PhD Thesis: Estimation for Longitudinal Survey Data under Informative Sampling.
  • Yarmouk University, Irbid, MSc, Statistics – Faculty of Science, September 1984 - January 1987.
  • M.Sc Thesis: Some Tests for the Power Series Distributions in one Parameter using the Kullback-Leibler Information Measure.
  • Yarmouk University, Irbid, BSc, Statistics – Faculty of Science, September 1980 - June 1984.
  • British Academy/ ESRC Visiting Fellowships, 18, July - 5, August, 2007, and 12 January – 13, February, 2008. Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute, S3RI.
  • University of Southampton, Department of Social Statistics, Academic year 2001/2002. Visiting Research Student.

Research interests

  • Statistical Methodology of Sample Surveys,
  • Statistical Methodology of Official Statistics,
  • Survey Methodology, Analysis of Survey Data under Informative Sampling Design,
  • Fitting Statistical Models under Complex Survey Data,
  • Nonresponse and Missing Data, Small Area Estimation,
  • Total Survey Error and Quality,Social Statistics,
  • Multilevel Statistical Models Analysis

Teaching activities

  • Demographic Methods and Projection,
  • Biostatistics and Epidemiology,
  • Sampling Techniques, Analysis of Time Series,
  • Regression Analysis,
  • Multivariate Statistical Analysis,
  • Analysis of Variance,
  • Probability Theory,
  • Mathematical Statistics,
  • Statistics for Social Sciences,
  • Nonparametric Statistics,
  • Introduction to Probability and Statistics,
  • Probability and Statistics for Engineers,
  • Statistical Methods,
  • Introduction to Statistics, Calculus, Linear Algebra,
  • Applied Mathematics,
  • Nonresponse and Missing Data,
  • Categorical Data Analysis,
  • Robust Statistics.

Selected publications

  • Eideh A.H., El Gemayel, T., and Aboul Hos, W. (2015). Guidelines on Energy Consumption Surveys in the Transport Sector Experiences in Selected Arab Countries. United Nations, July 2015. http://css.escwa.org.lb/SD/Docs/ECTS-PartI.pdf
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  • Eideh, A.H. (2012). Fitting Variance Components Model and Fixed Effects Model for One-Way Analysis of Variance to Complex Survey Data. Communications in Statistics –Theory and Methods, 41, pp 3278-3300.
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