Khalid Ali Salah


Assistant professor of Applied statistics


Department of Mathematics, Al-Quds University - Abu Deis, Palestine., P. O. Box 20002


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  • B.S., College of science and Technology, Abu dies, Jerusalem, 1990, "Field of study: Mathematics (Major) and Computer Science (Minor)".
  • M.Sc., Alquds University, Jerusalem, 2002, "Field of study: Applied Mathematics".
  • Ph.D., University Putra Malaysia (UPM), Malaysia, 2008, "Field of study: Applied Statistics"

Research interests

  • Biostatistics and Applied Math and Statistics

Teaching Activities

  • All Undergraduate and Graduate Courses of Applied Math and Satatistics in the University

Selected publications

  • On Estimating A Cure Fraction in A Population-Based Cancer Survival Analysis, Korean Statistical Society, Elsevier Publications, Revising.
  • Bayesian Approach for Joint Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data with Survival Fraction, BULLETIN of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society (2) 32(1) (2009), 75–100.
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