Yousef Zahaykah


 Assistant Professor of Mathematics


Al-Quds University, Abu-Dies - Jerusalem, P.O. Box 20002, Palestine


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Telephone numbers









00972-546941914 or 00970-597874689



  • Name: Yousef Zahaykah
  • Date of Birth: January 1st, 1965
  • Place of Birth: Alsawahra/Jerusalem/Palestine
  • Educated at College of Science and Technology, Al-Quds University, Palestine (1987), at The University of Jordan, Jordan (1989) and at The University of Magdeburg, Germany (2002).

Research interests

  • Hyperbolic systems of conversation laws- truly multidimensional methods.
  • Numerical methods for PDEs: Finite Volume and Finite Difference Methods.          
  • Mathematical Analysis for Maxwell equations and Euler equations. 
  • Numerical methods for integral equations.

Teaching activities

Graduate Courses:

  • 8033503  Ordinary Differential Equations I
  • 8033521  Numerical Analysis I
  • 8033510  Integral Equations
  • 8033513Functional Analysis I

Undergraduate Courses:

  • 0306101 Calculus I, 0306102 Calculus II, 0306201 Calculus III  
  • 0306203 Ordinary Differential Equations I
  • 0306221 Mathematical Software
  • 0306251  Fundamental of Mathematics
  • 0306271  Applied Mathematics I
  • 0306281  Linear Algebra I
  • 0306304 Vector Analysis
  • 0306312 Complex Analysis I
  • 0306321  Numerical Analysis I
  • 0306381  Linear Algebra II
  • 0306382  Abstract Algebra I
  • 0306482  Abstract Algebra II
  • 0306301  Partial Differential Equations
  • 0306408  Integral Equations
  • 0306413Functional Analysis
  • 0306461Differential Geometry
  • 0306462 Topology
  • 0306361Non-Euclidean Geometry

Selected publications

  • (with M. Lukáĉová-Medvid'ová and G. Warnecke).Third  order finite volume evolution Galerkin (FVEG)  methods for two-dimensional wave equation system. J. Numer. Math. (2003) 11(3):235-251
  • (with M. Lukáĉová-Medvid'ová , G. Warnecke and J. Saibertová) On evolution Galerkin  methods for the Maxwell and the linearized Euler equations. App. Math. (2004) 49(5):415-439.
  • (with M. Lukáĉová-Medvid'ová and G. Warnecke).On the boundary conditions for EG-methods applied to the  two-dimensional wave  equation system. Z. Angew. Math. Mech. (ZAMM) (2004) 84:237-251.
  • (with M. Lukáĉová-Medvid'ová and G. Warnecke).On the stability of the evolution Galerkin schemes applied to a two-dimensional wave equation system.SIAM J Numer. Anal.(2006) 44(4):1556-1583.
  • (with M. Lukáĉová-Medvid'ová and G. Warnecke).Finite volume evolution Galerkin (FVEG)  methods for  three-dimensional wave  Equation system. App. Numer. Math.(2007) 57:1050-1064.
  • (with Q. ul-Ain and  G.Warnecke).On the finite volume evolution Galerkin (FVEG) methods  for two-dimensional Euler equations on triangular meshes. J. Eng. Math. Theor. Appl. (JEMTA) (2007)2:8-31.
  • (to be submitted) On special boundary integral equations for potential problems.
  • (to be submitted) On finite volume Galerkin schemes for three dimensional Euler equations.
  • (to be submitted) On optimal homotopy asymptotic method for wave equation system.