Imad Matouk


Assistant Professor 


Department of biology, Faculty of and Science, Al-Quds university,  Jerusalem, Palestine


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  • Researcher in the field of cancer molecular biology.
  • Educated in Hadasah Medical School (PhD),
  • Hebrew University (MSC)
  • (BSC) at Birzeit University of Palestine.  

Research interests

  • The role of lncRNA genes in tumorigenesis.
  • MicroRNAs roles in cancer.
  • The role of hypoxia in cancer progression and metastasis.
  • Gene therapy of cancer.


Teaching activities

  • Genetics.
  • Cell biology.
  • Molecular biology.
  • The biology of cancer.
  • Genetic engineering and biotechnology.
  • Gene therapy.
  • Introduction to biological science.

Selected publications

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