Khaled Sawalha


Assistant Professor of Biochemistry


Department of Biology, Faculty of Science & Technology, Al-Quds University, Jerusalem, Palestine


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Ass. Professor of botany. Chaired Life Sciences Department and leading the botanical works of Al-Quds University Botanic Gardens. Consultant of governmental, national and local institutes. Participating in scientific conferences in the Arab World and Europe. Active member of many scientific and social societies.

Research interests

  • Plant tissue culture of economic plants.
  • Gene transfer to plant cells.
  • Active compounds of medicinal plants.
  • Conservation of biodiversity, i.e. Palestinian flora
  • Ecotourism and environmental awareness.
  • Botanic gardens: seed bank, herbarium.
  • Climate change: analysis and evaluation.
  • Agriculture: Bio-control of plant diseases.
  • Ethical values related to science and nature.

Teaching activities

  • 12 - 15 hours of teaching + 6 office hours weekly per term.
  • Lectures / Classes
  • Botany: two separate courses on plant sciences.
  • Biotechnology: introduction to bio applications.
  • Medicinal plants: bio active secondary metabolites.
  • Plant taxonomy: basics of plant classification.
  • Biodiversity: principles and conservation approaches.
  • Bioethics: moral values related to biosciences.
  • Plant anatomy and pathology.

Selected publications

Recent books

  • Plant biodiversity (Book in Arabic).( Al-Quds University, Palestine. 2005).
  • Co - author: Preliminary list of Palestinian flora in the West Bank. 2000.

Recent articles

  • First author: Genetic diversity studies on wheat land races in Palestine using RAPD markers in comparison to phenotypic classification. Journal of Applied Biological Sciences. 2(1)( 2008) 29-34..
  • Co- author: Detection of vapor emissions from star anise seeds and mint leaves using CO2 Laser photo-acoustic technique. International Journal of Natural Engineering sciences. 1(3) (2007) 105-113
  • Co- author: Accumulation of essential oils by Agrobacterium transformed shoot cultures of P. anisum. Plant Cell, Tissue & Organ Culture 40 (1995) 209-215,.

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