Reem Yaghmour




Department of Biology, Faculty of Science & Technology, Al-Quds University, P.O. Box 20002, Abu-Dies, Jerusalem, Palestine


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  • Reem “Moh’dRafat” Moh’d Ibrahim Yaghmour
  • Staff teaching member, department of Biology and Medical Technology, Al-Quds University, Abu-Dies / Jerusalem - Palestine
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology and Medical Technology - Al-Quds University , Diploma in "education of Science" College of Science and Technology.
  • Master Degree in Biology An-Najah University. Nablus Palestine.

Research interests

  • Plant Biochemistry: Extraction of natural products from medicinal plants, isolation and purification of secondary metabolites. 
  • Biological activity: Examination of the effect of secondary metabolites against pathogenic bacteria and fungi, selective medicinal plants of Palestine are being targeted. 
  • Biological control: specific fungus species are used as antagonists of pathogenic fungi .
  • Antimicrobial activity of synthesized drugs .
  • Isolation & identification of microbes inhabit water, soil & other environments. 

Teaching activities

Lectures / Classes

  • General Biology courses    
  • Microtechniqe  lectures and lab     
  • Mycology lectures and lab    
  • Microbiology lectures and lab 
  • Medicinal plants lectures and lab 
  • Plant Pathology lectures and lab 
  • Botany lectures & lab
  • Cell biology

Selected publications


  • Ali-Shtayeh M.S., Jamous R., Yaghmour R.M-R (1997) Mycology Manual. Dept. of Biological Sciences Al-Najah National University. Nablus.
  • Sawalha K.S., Khanfur H, Yaghmour R.M-R., (2005) Micro-Technique lab manual. Al-Quds University. Palestine.     


  • Ali-shtayeh M.S., AL-Nuri M.Z., YaghmourR.m.r., Faidi Y.R.,(1997) Antimicrobial activity of Micromeria nervosa (Desf) Benth from the Palestinian area "Journal of Ethnopharmocologyvol 58, 143-147.
  • Ali-Shtayeh M.S., Yaghmour R.M.R., Faidi Y.R., Salem K. Al-NuriM.A., (1998) Antimicrobial of 20 plants used in folkloric medicine in the Palestinian area. Journal of Ethnopharmocology vol. 60 (265-271). 
  • RafikKaraman, Samia Al- Kurd, ReemYaghmour, Ahmad Amro, DoniaKaraman. (2015 ) Antibacterial activity of Novel Prodrugs of Amoxicillin & Cephalexin. “World  Journal of Pharmaceutical Research”.Volume 4,Issue 9,331-360.
  • RafikKaraman*1, Mustafa Khamis2,3, Jehad Abbadi4,MohannadQurie2,5, Ibrahim Ayyad5, Fatima Ayyash1, Omar Hamarsheh4, Reem Yaghmour4, Ahmad Amro1, Shlomo Nir6, Sabino A. Bufo7 and Laura Scrano7,  Sofia Lerman8, Shirra Gur-Reznik8, and Carlos G. Dosoretz8
  • Biodegradation of paracetamol by activated sludge and photo-catalysis and its removal by a -micelle- clay complex, activated charcoal and reverse osmosis membranes
  • Submitted
  • Omar Hamarsheh, KifayaAzmi, Ahmad Amro, Martina Schultheis, ZiadAbdeen, Abed Nasseredin, RebumaFirdessa,KhaledSawalha, Fuad al-Rimawi, ReemYaghmour, Heidrum Moll.In vitro antilishmanial activity of crude plant extracts derived from medicinal plants in Palestine.Journal of Ethnopharmacology

Other Activities

  • Workshop – Distance Learning and Quality Assurance.
  • National Roundtables on Higher Education for Palestinian Faculty Development Program{PFDP}.On December 3rd – 4th 2011 Ramallah. 
  • Member of Association for Integrated Rural Development “AIRD”-Ramallah.