Mazen Abu Issa


Lecturer in Department of Physics


Department of Physics, Faculty of Science & Technology, Abu-Dies -  Jerusalem, P.O.Box 20002, Palestine


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Birth: March 11,1959,Jerusalem


  • M.Sc physics , University of Jordan, Amman , Jordan, 1984
  • B.Sc, physics , Al-Najah University , Nablus, Palestine, 1981

Research interests

  • Applied physics
  • space plasma physics
  • science education
  • Applied physics
  • space plasma physics

Teaching activities

  • General courses in physics(101,102,103,104)
  • Advanced laboratory in physics(211,311,411)
  • Modern pysics
  • Light and optics
  • Waves and vibration
  • Termodynamics
  • Logic thinking
  • Science teaching methods

Selected publications

  • Mazen. S. Abu Issa, Amin A. Legrous, Elias I. Elias, and Imad A Barghouthi, O+-O and O+ – O+ collision frequencies in the auroral ionosphere,.; Indian Journal of physics accepted (2004)
  • Imad A. Barghouthi, Elial I. Elias, Mahmoud A. Abu samra, Naji A. Qatanani and Mazen S. Abu Issa, Monte Carlo simulation of O+ behavior in the Auroral ionosphere, Journal of the physical society of Japan vol 22, No. 11, November, 2003, pp 3006-3013.
  • Imad A Barghouthi, Mazen Abu Issa, Mahmoud Abu Samra and Naji Qatanani, H+-O+ Coulomb collision frequency in the polar wind plasma, Al-Najah University, J. Res. (N. Sc.), Vol 18(1), 2004, pp (1-12).
  • Imad A. Barghouthi, Naji Qatanani and Mazen Abu Issa, Torodial distribution in the polar wind plasma, Indian Journal of physics, 77 B (6) 2003, pp (621-624)