Mohammad M Abu-Samreh


Professor of Physics


Department of Physics, Faculty of Science & Technology, Jerusalem, Palestine


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Professor of Physics, Research interest in the fields of nuclear physics, superconductivity. and radiation measurements as well as superconductivity and semiconductors. Educated at University of Arizona, Tucson, USA, Jordan University, and Yarmouk University. Visiting fellow at the Palestine Polytechnic University , Hebron(2006-2008).

Research interests

  • Nuclear Structure and Properties
  • Heavy Ion Collisions
  • Electromagnetic Radiation and Pollution
  • Superconductivity
  • Semiconductors

Teaching activities

Graduate Courses

Mathematical Physics, Electromagnetic Theory , Classical Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics, Nuclear Physics.

Undergraduate Courses

General Physics (1 & 2), Quantum Mechanics (1& 2), Atomic and Molecular Physics, Nuclear Physics, Theory of Relativity, Waves and Vibrations, Optics, Modern Physics, Electromagnetic Theory (1 & 2), Experimental Physics (senior level), Solid State Physics, High Energy Physics

Selected publications

  • Abu-Samreh, M. M., Saleh, A. M., Kitaneh, R. M-L, and Braun, H. F . On the Applicability of the Magnetic Susceptibility Models for the Magnetic Superconductor Ru-1212. J Supercond Nov Magn. 21 (2008) 57–63
  • Saleh, A. M. Abu-Samreh, M.M., Kitaneh, R.M.-L., Braun, H.F.. Dependencies of inter- and intragrain superconductive transitions in polycrystalline RuGdSrCu2O8 superconductor on field and frequency. Solid State Sciences, 10 (2008) 198-204
  • Saleh, A. M., Abu-Samreh, M. M., Awaisah, Ghada M., and, Kitaneh, R. M-L. (2008). Extraction of Critical Current Density and Flux Creep Exponents in the Magnet Superconductor RuGdSrCu2O8 (Ru-1212) Using the ac Magnetic Susceptibility Measurements. J Supercond Nov Magn. 21(4) (2008):229-235.
  • Awaisah, Ghada M., Saleh, A. M., Abu-Samreh, M. M., and, Kitaneh, R. M-L. Critical State Models for Magnet RuGdSrCu2O8 superconductor, International Journal of Modern Physics (IJMPB). 22 (13) (2008). 2083 - 2093
  • Manasra ,Ghandi F., and Abu-Samreh, M. M.. Thermal Effects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields on Human Body. Journal of Mobile Communication 2 (2) (2008) 39-45.
  • Leghrouz, Amin, A., Abu-Samreh, M. M., and Awawdeh, K. M., Indoor Radon-222 Concentration Measurements in Some Houses in Dura district During The Winter season of the Year 2000. Abhath AL-Yarmouk, 17(1) (2008) 63-76.
  • Ismail, A. M., and Abu-Samreh, M. M. (2007). Seasonal Variation Measurements of the indoor Radon-222 in some Villages in East Al-Quds Province, Palestine. Dirasat, Pure Sciences, 34 (2) (2008), 255-263.
  • Leghrouz, Amin A.., Abu-Samreh, M. M., and. Awawdeh, Karam M. Saleh, A. M., Abu-Taha, M. I., Kitaneh, R. M-L, and Darwish, S. M. Indoor radon-222 concentration measurements in some houses in the winter season of year 2000 in some houses and school of Hebron Province, Rad. Prot. Dos. 123 (2) (2007)226-233.