Musa Abu Teir


Professor of Physics


Department of Physics, Room F3209, Faculty of Science & Technology, East Jerusalem, Palestine


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Research interests

  • "Near field Microwave Microscopy"
  • "Near field mid-infrared spectroscopy for studies biologicaland medical samples"

Teaching activities

  • General Physics
  • Modern Physics
  • Properties of Matter
  • Advance Laboratories
  • Solid State Physics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Medical Physics
  • Introduction to Ceramic science.

Selected publications

  • M. Abu-Teir, M. Golosovsky, D. Davidov, A. Frenkel, and H. Goldberger,"Near-field scanning microwave probe based on a dielectric resonator". Review of Scientific Instrument, Vol. 72, 2073, (2001).
  • M. Abu-Teir, F. Sakran, M. Golosovsky, D. Davidov, and A. Frenkel,"Local contactless measurement of the ordinary and extraordinary Hall effect using near-field microwave microscopy".Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 80, 1776, (2002).
  • A.F. Lann, M. Abu-Teir, M. Golosovsky, D. Davidov, S. Djordevic, N. Bontemps, and L. F. Cohen,"A cryogenic microwave scanning near-field probe: Application to study of high-Tc superconductors".Review of Scientific Instrument, Vol. 70, 4348, (1999).
  • F. Lann, M. Abu-Teir, M. Golosovsky, D. Davidov, A. Goldgirsh, and V. Beilin,"Magnetic-field-modulated microwave reflectivity of high-Tc superconductors studied by near-field mm-wave microscopy". Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 75, 1788, (1999).
  • M Abu-Tair, A F Lann, M Golosovsky, D Davidov, A Goldgirsh, V Beilin,"Local magnetic-field-modulated microwave reflection-a new contactless technique for detection of superconductivity".(Proceedings of the IV-th European conference on Applied Superconductivity, Barcelona 1999, EUCAS-99).
  • M. Golosovsky, M. Abu-Teir, D. Davidov, and N. Bontemps ,"Microwave studies of thin manganite films on SrTio3 substrate"m,(Journal of Applied Physics , 98,1,2005)