Professor of Physics


Department of Physics, Al-Quds University, Jerusalem , P O Box 20002, West Bank, Palestine


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Telephone numbers





02-295 8786


+970-02-295 8786





  • Graduated from North Carolina State University in 1984,
  • Head of Solid state physics group at Al-Quds university,
  • Member of Palestinian physical society, Member of promotion committee at Al-Quds University, Ex-head of physics department ant Al-Quds Unveristy.

Research interests

  • Electrical and magnetic properties of high temperature superconductors.
  • Electrical and optical properties of organic semiconductors.
  • Structural properties of semiconductors.
  • Optical properties of magnetic compounds

Teaching activities

Course Taught (Undergraduate)

  • Introductory General Physics
  • Modern Physics
  • Statistical Physics
  • Quantum Physics (I & II)
  • Mathematical Physics (I & II)
  • Classical mechanics
  • Solid state Physics (I & II)
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Atomic Physics
  • Special Topics
  • Physics Laboratories (Different levels)

Course Taught (Graduate level)

  • Advanced Solid State Physics
  • Electrodynamics
  • Advanced Quantum Mechanics
  • Semiconductor Thin Films

Selected publications

  • M. I. Abu-Taha, Y. Sarahneh and A. M. Saleh, " Photopyroelectric monitoring of olives ripening conditions and olive oil quality using pulsed wideband IR thermal source", Int. J. Modern Phys. B 22 (2008) 3889.
  • S. Darwish, S.Y. Al-Tel, M. M. Abu-Teir, R. M-L Kitanah, A. A. Leghrouze, and A. M. Saleh, " Fine Structure of 6A1g → 4A1g, 4Eg (4G) Absorption Band in MnF2 " Solid State sciences 11 (2009) 544.
  • S. Darwish, M. M. Abu-Teir, and A. M. Saleh, Optical Investigation Of Absorption Band In Magnetic MnF2 And RbMnF3 Compounds, Solid State Sciences 11 (2009) 1460.