Adnan Lahham


Asst. Professor of Physics


Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Room 228, Al-Quds University, P.O. Box: 20002, Jerusalem, Palestine.


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Asst. Professor of Physics, Faculty member at the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences. Research scientist in the field of Environmental Radiation & Radiation Protection. Dean of the Faculty of Science & Technology at Al-Quds University. Director of the Center for Radiation Science & Technology. Educated at University Comeniana and Slovak Medical University in former Czechoslovakia. Holder of three scientific degrees in Nuclear Physics and Radiation Protection. Member of national and international scientific organizations.

Research interests

  • Environmental Radioactivity
  • Environmental Electromagnetic fields
  • Radiation protection

Teaching activities

Graduate courses

  • Radiation science
  • Environmental radioactivity
  • Application of nuclear techniques in Environ. studies

Undergraduate courses

  • Radiation protection & Environment
  • Environmental radiation
  • Environmental physics
  • Advanced radiation protection
  • Applied statistics
  • Computer applications in environmental studies
  • Introduction to geophysics
  • Radiological physics

Selected publications

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