Ibrahim Abdullah Afaneh


PhD. Food Engineering


Department of Food Science, Faculty of Science and Technology,  Al-Quds University, Abu-Dies, P.O. Box 20002, Jerusalem, Palestine


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Telephone numbers





02-2793062 or 02-2799753


+972-02-2793062 or : +972-02-2799753








  • 1998-2001 PhD. Food Engineering/ Chemical Engineering school (study the heat and mass transfer processes to improve the technology of fried foods). Queens University of Belfast, U.K.
  • 1991-1995 B.Sc. (Class honors, ranked 2nd), Food Science and Nutrition. Applied Science University, Amman, Jordan
  • 1990-1991 Not complete degree (one year) in Agricultural Engineering, Aleppo University, Syria

Research interest

  • I enjoy a wide range of indoor, outdoor sports and reading.
  • I treasure the experiences and insights gained trough traveling.
  • I am very competent in experimenting new recipes.


  • Fluent in Arabic and English (oral and written).
  • Black belt in Karate.
  • Internal design and decoration

Selected publications

  • 2009 Effect of Methyl Cellulose Coating and Pre-Treatment on Oil Uptake, Moisture Retention and Physical Properties of Deep-Fat Fried Starchy Dough System. Jihad M. Quasem, Ayman Suliman Mazahreh, Khaled Abu-Alruz, Ibrahim A. Afaneh, Ala’a H. Al-Muhtaseb and T.R.A. Magee
  • 2009 Ayman Suliman Mazahreh, Jihad M. Quasem, Ali Alshaubka, Ibrahim Abdullah Afaneh The effect of Adjusting PH on Stretchability and Meltability to White Brined Nabulsi cheese., Al-Balqa Applied University, Princes Alia University College, American Journal of Applied Sciences
  • Jihad M. Quasem, Ayman Suliman Mazahreh, Ibrahim Abdullah Afaneh, Amer Al Omari, Solubility of Solar Dried Jameed,Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 8 ,2 (2009) 134-138.
  • Dec 2000 Modeling the Heat and Mass Transfer Phenomena During Immersion Frying, Chemical Engineering Congress, Calcutta, India. McMinn, W.A.M, Jonathan, P. F., Afaneh, I. A and  Magee, I.R.A.
  • April 2000 Two stage Frying of Potatoes, Eight International Congress on Engineering and Food, Puebla, Mexico, McMinn,W.A.M,  Afaneh, I. A, and Magee T.RA.
  • Jan 2000 Heat and Mass Transfer During the Frying of Potato Pieces, Chemical Engineering Research 2000, University of Bat,  McMinn, W.A.M Afaneh, LA and Magee T.R.A
  • Sep 1999 Frying Characteristics of Potato Cylinders, Jordan International Chemical. Engineering Conference In,  Afaneh,I.A. McMinn,W.A M and Magee T.RA