Badie Sartawi


Associate Professor at CS & IT department




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As an educator and academic for the past 20 years, Dr. Sartawi has been involved in the design of various education and professional ICT programs and he is among those active and visionary person in the education and ICT community.


  • PhD. (with honor) ,Systems Theory and Engineering with major in Computer Engineering, University of Toledo, Ohio. 1993

Research interests

  • Graph Theory and Combinatorics

Teaching activities

Current Courses

  • Computer Operating System

Previous courses

  • Data Structure & Algorithms-Base Systems I
  • Database Systems I
  • Simulation Tools I
  • Fundamentals Of Programming
  • Introduction To Computer Science
  • Data Structure & Algorithms-base Systems II

Selected publications

  • ESCWA UNITED NATIONS Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia Distr. GENERAL E/ESCWA/ICTD/2003/11/Add.8 3 November 2003 ORIGINAL: ARABIC PROFILE OF THE INFORMATION SOCIETY IN THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY 2003 Badie Taha Sartawi .
  • Portable Parallel Object Oriented Computing Model, ICCTA: IEEE International Conference for Computing Theory and Applications, Alexandria, Egypt, 2004. Also, ACIT: Arab Conference for Information Technology, Algeria, 2004
  • Progress in ICT development in Palestine. This week in Palestine, Issue No. 89, September 2005.
  • Global Early Flash Worms Detection and Containment System (GEDC), the 2005 International Arab Conference for Information Technology (ACIT'2005), Al-Isra Private University, Jordan
  • Object Oriented Framework for Distributed File System, The 2005 International Arab Conference for Information Technology (ACIT'2005), Al-Isra Private University, Jordan .
  • Information Society in Palestine: The Human Capital Dimension Elia Zureik, Principal Investigator - Professor Emeritus Queen's University March, 2006 Report Submitted to the International Development Research Centre, Ottawa (File 102130) Contributors: Samer Faris, Irene Jillson and Rida Baidas, Badie Sartawi, Nader Wahbeh, Mohamed Waked,Mark Warschauer, Shannon Yurke, Elia Zureik .
  • A practical ICT for development framework: The ICT Center of Excellence, International Journal of Education and development using ICT, vol. 4, No. 4 (2008)
  • Enhancing the labor market prospects of ICT students in a developing country, Education + Training, Vol. 50 Iss: 3, pp.244 – 259 (2008), Emerald Group Publishing Limited 3
  • Mobility in Mobile Communication System: a Preliminary Study, the 2008 International Arab Conference for Information Technology (ACIT'2008), syria.
  • Cooperative Training Initiative: An Assessment of Reciprocal Relationships Between Universities and Industry in Providing Professional Development in ICT. Innovative Techniques in Instructio Technology, E-learning, E-assessment, and Education 2008: 255-260.
  • The RDF Generator (RDFG) - First Unit in the Semantic Web Framework (SWF), Proceedings of the International Conference in Systems, Computing Sciences and Software Engineering (SCSS 09). 2009, Bridgeport, USA.
  • The Semantic Web Framework (SWF), The 2010 International Arab Conference for Information Technology (ACIT'2010). 2010, University of Garyounis Benghazi, Libya.