Rashid Jayousi


Assistant Professor at CS & IT department


Computer Science Department, Al-Quds University, Main Campus, P.O. 51000, Abu Deis - East Jerusalem, Palestine


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Dr. Jayousi graduated from the University of Reading, UK in 1983 in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, holds a Master degree in Computer Engineering from Lowell University, USA, and gained his PhD in computer science from Keele University, UK in 2003. He joined the Computer Science Department at Al-Quds University in 1984 as a teaching assistant.  He chaired the Computer Science Department for three years 2006-2009. He supervised different Master thesis as well as postgraduate and undergraduate projects. He acted as an external and internal examiner to number of Master thesis at different Universities. He was an external examiner to a Ph.D. Thesis at Lyon University, France.

He serves as member of the editorial board of several scientific journal as well as reviewer for different journal and conferences. He also serves as a committee member for different conferences. His main research interest is in Mutliagent Systems, eLearning Systems, and Distributed Systems. He published several research articles in different Journals, conferences and workshops. He was the director of the centers and institutes at Al-Quds University for three years 2009-2011. He also served as a member of several committees at the university. He directed several World Bank, USAID, EU, and Tempus funded projects. Such projects where related to research in e-learning and digital libraries as well as users training. He is currently the coordinator for the e-learning project funded by the Belgium Technical Cooperation (BTC) at the Ministry of Education.


  • PhD. Computer Science, Keele University UK. 2003

Research interests

  • Mutliagent Systems
  • eLearning Systems
  • Distributed Systems

Teaching activities

Current courses

  • Intelligent Systems

Previous courses

  • Database
  • Advanced Database
  • Computer Ethics
  • Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
  • Advanced Database
  • Programming Languages Design
  • Multiagent Systems

Selected publications

  • Thabit Sulaiman Sabbah, Rashid Jayousi,Yousef Abuzir," Schema Matching Using Thesaurus ", ( The 3rd Int. Conference on Software, Knowledge Management and Applications - SKIM-2009, Fez, Moroco,2009)
  • Rashid Jayousi,Yasmin Bali," An Adaptive Personalized Course Selection System",( The 4th International Conference on Information Technology, AL-Zaytoonah University of Jordan,2009).
  • Rashid Jayousi,Yasmin Bali, "Querying and Semantic Mapping Approaches for Semantic Resolution in E-Learning System New Technologies, Mobility and Security", 2008. NTMS '08.Tangier, Morocco,2008
  • R. Jayousi and M. A. Aburayyan ("Analytical Study of E-Learning Platforms, ICODL, Greece 2007)
  • R. Jayousi, J. Awawda, and B. Sartawi: (Mobility in Mobile Communication System: A Preliminary Study, ACIT, Syria 2007)
  • S. M. Deen, and R. Jayousi, "A preference processing model for cooperative agents", Journal of Intell. Inf. Syst. 26, 2 (2006)115-147.
  • S. Abughalyoon and R. Jayousi (" QoS profile for performance aspect validation using VoD Case Study", ACIT, Jordan, 2005)
  • R . Jayousi and S.M. Deen ( "Preference Based Scheduling For An HMS Environment", the 6th BASYS International Conference on Manufacturing , Systems, Vienna, 2004).
  • R. Jayousi and S.M. Deen: "Preference Based Task Allocation in Holonic Manufacturing"( the 13th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA'02), published by the IEEE Computer Society (2002) 573-577).
  • S. M. Deen, R. Jayousi, B. Ndovie and B. Taha (An agent-Based Approach to Dynamic Scheduling in Traffic Control", Technical Report, Department of Computer Science, University of Keele, England, 1997)