Yousef Salem Mohammed Najajreh


Lecturer at Faculty of Pharmacy


Anticancer Drug Research Lab, Faculty of Pharmacy, Jerusalem, P.O.Box 20002, Al-Quds University


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Occupations and Jobs

  • 3rd August 2014-    Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy
  • August 2011-August 2014   Dean of Scientific Research/Al-Quds University
  • March 2010-current - Head of the Projects Department/Planning and Development Office/Al-Quds University
  • 2006-current:  Head of the Anticancer Drugs Research Lab.
  • September 2004-2011 -  Assistant Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, Al-Quds University, PALESTINE
  • April 2000-September 2004 - Post-Doctorate at the Department of Pharmaceutics/School of Pharmacy-Hebrew University and Post-Doctor Researcher at Bethlehem University: "Gene Therapy and Pharmacogenic Delivery for Treatment of Restenosis"
  • April 1999-March 2000 - Researcher at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry in cooperation with Prof. Joshua Katzhendler: Developing New Antisense and Antigene Agents with Improved Properties Based on Peptide Nucleic Acids (PNAs).
  • 1994-1998 -  Teaching Assistant, Department of Medicinal Chemistry at the School of Pharmacy.
  • 1991-1993 -  Science Lecturer, El-A'roob Teacher College, El-A'roob-Hebron.


  • 1993-1999 - Ph.D. fellow Department of Medicinal Chemistry, School of Pharmacy, Hebrew University-Jerusalem. Thesis: Methods in Site-Specific labeling of Oligodeoxyribonucleotides (ODNs) with Platinum Anti-Cancer Drugs.
  • 1991-1993 - Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Medicinal Chemistry, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, School of Pharmacy, Hebrew University. Thesis: Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity of Platinum-Anthraquinone Complexes.
  • 1988-1991 - Bachelor Degree in Chemistry, The Hebrew University
  • 1985-1987 - B.Sc. Student/Faculty of Science-Bethlehem University

Industrial Experience:

  • August 2002-May 2004 - Scientific Advisor for PHARMASENSE LTD. Naiot Technological Center Ltd.-Technological incubator, P.O.Box: 732 Nazaret Ellit, ISRAEL, 17106
  • August 2009 - Scientific Advisor/ Bioline


  • Prize of the Faculty of Medicine for Excellent Master's degree Dissertation, 1993.
  • Prize for Excellent M. Sc. student from the School of Pharmacy, 1993
  • Prize for Excellent Ph.D. student, 1998.

Editorial Advisory Board Membership:

  • Recent Patents on Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery
  • Recent Patents on Anti-Infective Drug Discovery 



  • WO/2009/109973. ( PCT, Application Number: 61033438) Yosefa Avraham, Elliot M. Berry, Jehoshua Katzhendler & Yousef Najajreh COMPOUNDS AND METHODS OF TREATING OBESITY 
  • Jehoshua Katzhendler, SCHLOSSMAN, Ada, Yousef Najajreh, GIBSON, Dan. PCT/IL01/00570: Positively-Charged Peptide Nucleic Acid Analogs with Improved Properties.
  • PTC/IL02/00687: “Platinum complexes and their use in cancer treatment”
  • PTC/IL02/00985: “Nanoparticles containing polymeric nucleic acid homologs, pharmaceutical compositions and articles of manufacture containing same and methods of use thereof”.


Research Articles

  • Yousef Najajreh, Rami Salem, Sawsan Salameh, Nesly Dotan, Yaniv Menachem, Martin Ruthardt, and Jamal Mahajna. Platinum(IV)-Fatty Acid Conjugates-I: Potent anti-proliferative and anti-clonigenicity effects of Cisplatin pro-drugs on CML K562 cell line. In preparation.
  • Eian Ratzon, Yousef Najajreh, Rami Salem, Hazem Khamaisie, Martin Ruthardt, Jamal Mahajna Platinum(IV)-Fatty Acid Conjugates Overcome Inherently and Acquired Cisplatin Resistant Cancer Cell Lines: an in Vitro Study. Submitted.
  • Yousef Najajreh, Nida Eghreib, Mamduh Khateb, Linda Braik, Hazem Khamaisie,  Amiram Goldblum, Martin Ruthardt and Jamal Mahajna Rational Development of myristate derivatives as selective allosteric inhibitors of BCR-Abl. Submitted.
  • Yosefa Avraham, Jehoshua Katzhendler, Lia Vorobeiv, Shira Merchavia1, Hana Listman1, Eithan Kunkes, Fida’ Harfoush, Sawsan Salameh, Elliot M. Berry1 and Yousef Najajreh Novel Acylethanolamide Derivatives that Modulate Body Weight via enhancement of  Hypothalamic Preopiomelanocortin (POMC) and/or decreased Neuropeptide Y (NPY). Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2013, 56 (5), pp 1811–1829.
  • Trevor Hambley, Jenny Z. Zhang, Paul Bonnitcha, Ezequiel Wexselblatt, Alice Klein, Yousef Najajreh, Dan Gibson. Facile Preparation of Mono-, Di- and Mixed-carboxylato Platinum(IV) Complexes for Versatile Anti-Cancer Drug Design. Chemistry - A European Journal 2013 Jan 28;19(5):1672-6. doi: 10.1002/chem.201203159. Epub 2012 Dec 18.
  • Yousef Najajreh, Hazem Khamaisie, Nili Ruimi, Soliman Khatib, Joshua Katzhendler, Martin Ruthardt and Jamal Mahajna Oleylamine-carbonyl-valinol inhibits auto-phosphorylation activity of native and T315I mutated Bcr-Abl, and exhibits selectivity towards oncogenic Bcr-Abl in SupB15 ALL cell lines. Mol Biol Rep. 2012 Dec 5. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Mamduh Khateb, Nili Ruimi, Hazem Khamaisie, Yousef Najajreh, Afsar Ali Mian, Anna Metodieva, Martin Ruthardt  and Jamal Mahajna Cooperation between Abl Allosteric inhibitor and ATP competitors to overcome resistance due to T315I gatekeeper mutation in Bcr-Abl. BMC Cancer, 2012 Nov 27;12(1):563.
  • Afsar Ali Mian, Anna Metodieva, Susanne Badura, Mamduh Khateb, Nili Ruimi, Yousef Najajreh, Oliver Gerhard Ottmann, Jamal Mahajna and Martin Ruthardt Allosteric inhibition enhances the efficacy of ABL kinase inhibitors to target unmutated BCR-ABL and BCR-ABL-T315I. BMC Cancer. 2012 Sep 17; 12: 411. doi: 10.1186/1471-2407-12-411.
  • Afsar Ali Mian, Marion Schüll, Claudia Oancea, Yousef Najajreh, Jamal Mahajna, Amiram Goldblum, Oliver Gerhard Ottmann, Tim Beissert and Martin Ruthardt  Targeting the Oligomerization of BCR/ABL by Membrane Permeable Competitive Peptides Inhibits the Proliferation of Philadelphia Chromosome Positive Leukemic Cells The Open Hematology Journal Pp 21-27 [DOI: 10.2174/1874276901105010021]
  • Mian AA, Schüll M, Oancea C, Najajreh Y, Mahajna J, Goldblum A, Ottmann OG, Beissert T, Ruthardt M (2011): p185BCR/ABL exhibits a lower sensitivity to the allosteric inhibitor GNF-2 as compared to p210BCR/ABL in Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute lymphatic leukemia. 2012 Feb; 97(2):251-7. Epub 2011 Nov 4.
  • Khamaisie H, Braik L, Sussan S, Tal M, Najajreh Y, Mahajna J (2011) Oleic acid is the active moiety in the mushroom Daedalea gibbosa inhibiting Bcr-Abl auto-phosphorylation activity. Anti-Cancer Research 31:331-3.
  • Afergan E, Epstein H, Elmalak O, Najajreh Y, Golomb G (2010): 31P-NMR and differential scanning calorimetry studies for determining vesicle’s drug physical state and fraction in alendronate liposomes. Journal of Bioanalysis & Biomedicine. 2: 125-131.
  • Schoof S, Pradel G, Aminake MN, Ellinger B, Baumann S, Potowski M, Najajreh Y, Kirschner M, Arndt HD (2010): Antiplasmodial Thiostrepton Derivatives: Proteasome Inhibitors with a Dual Mode of Action. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 49:3317-3321.
  • Brabec V, Christofis P, Slamova M, Kostrhunova H, Novakova O, Najajreh Y, Gibson D, Kasparkova J (2007): DNA interactions of new cytotoxic tetrafunctional dinuclear platinum complex trans, trans-[{PtCl2(NH3)}2(piperazine)] Biochem. Pharmacol. 73:1887-900.
  • Schroeder A, Avnir Y, Weisman S, Najajreh Y, Gabizon A, Talmon Y, Kost J, Barenholz Y (2007): Controlling Liposomal Drug Release with Low Frequency Ultrasound: Mechanism and Feasibility Langmuir 23: 4019-4025.
  • Najajreh Y, Khazanov E, Jawbry S, Ardeli Y, Perez JM, Kasparkova J, Brabec V, Barenholz Y, Gibson D (2006): Cationic non-symmetric transplatinum complexes with Piperidino-Piperidine ligands. Preparation, characterization, in vitro cytotoxicity and in vivo toxicity and anticancer efficacy studies. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 49: 4674-4683.
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  • Yousef Najajreh, Elena Khazanov, Seba Jawbry, Yael Ardeli, Jose Manuel Perez, Jana Kasparkova, Viktor Brabec, Yechezkel Barenholz, Dan Gibson. Cationic non-symmetric transplatinum complexes with Piperidino-Piperidine ligands. Preparation, characterization, in vitro cytotoxicity and in vivo toxicity and anticancer efficacy studies. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2006) Jul 27; 49(15):4674-4683.
  • Yousef Najajreh, Yael Ardeli, Jana Kasparkova, Pavla Heringova, Dmitri Prilutski, Liliana Balter, Seba Jawbry, Elena Khazanov, Jose Manuel Perez, Yechezkel Barenholz, Viktor Brabec, Dan Gibson. The interactions of platinum complexes containing cationic-bicyclic-nonplanar piperidinopiperidine ligands with biological nucleophiles. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2006 Jul 27; 49(15):4665-4673. 
  • Najajreh Y, Kasparkova J, Marini V, Gibson D & Brabec V Structural characterization and DNA interactions of new antitumor transplatin analogues containing one planar and one nonplanar heterocyclic amine ligand Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry  2005 Nov;10 (7):722-31. Epub 2005 Nov 8.
  • Jawabry A, Friekman I, Najajreh Y, Perez JM & Gibson D Preparation, cytotoxicity and interactions with nucleophiles of three isomeric transplatinum complexes containing methylpiperidine ligands Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 2005, Jul 26; 99: 1983–1991.
  • Najajreh Y, Prilutski D, Ardeli-Tzaraf Y, Perez JM, Khazanov E, Barenholz Y, Kasparkova J, Brabec V, Gibson D.A Structure and Unique Interactions with DNA of a Cationic Trans-Platinum Complex with the Nonplanar Bicyclic Piperidinopiperidine Ligand. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 2005 Apr 8; 44: 2-4.
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Book Chapters

  • Najajreh Y & Gibson D "Platinum anticancer agents-Some facts, figures, question marks and speculations" in Metal Compounds in Cancer Chemotherapy, Editors: J.M. Pérez, M.A. Fuertes and C. Alonso. (2005): ISBN: 81-7736-277-1.
  • Shastri VR, Hildgen PP, Langer R, Najajrah Y, Ringel I & Domb A Other Polyesters in Handbook of Biodegradable Polymers (Domb, A.J., Kost, J. and Wiseman, D., eds.) pp.119-134, Gordon and Breach Science Publishers (1997).

Scientific Research

Running Research projects

Research Interests and Activities:

  • Development of Kinase Allosteric Inhibitors for Treating Cancer: Our lab is intensively engaged in multi-national endeavor aiming at combating the undefeated disease of cancer. We are exploiting our expertise in developing novel chemical structures that target onco-proteins evidently play central roles in cancer cell viability. 
  • Developing of Platinum Prodrugs: In another track, efforts has been devoted  to synthesize selective Platinum-based antitumor agents. Following such strategy we expect to reduce the adverse side effects and enhance the effectiveness of the drug. The clinical application of DNA targeting drugs such as (Cisplatin, Carbolaptin and Oxaliplatin) is hindered by severe toxicities and emerging resistance. We aim to modulate the biophysical and pharmacological profile using the pro-drug.  
  • Platinogenomics and Target Identification of Platinum-Based Anticancer Drugs: Though platinum drugs (Cisplatin, Carboplatin and Oxaliplatin) are being clinically used for decades the exact mechanism and biological processing is still under investigation. To unravel the mechanism of platinum-based drugs, we are engaged in a project that aims at developing “probes” that afford selective identification of molecular target. Currently we are in closer stage to the "proof of concept" and get a full proposal ready for application to a funding agency.
  • Structural Elucidation of Cytotoxic Natural Secondary Metabolites: In cooperation with Dr. Jamal Mahajna we are attempting to elucidate the three dimensional structure of secondary metabolites that have been extracted from medicinal mushrooms. Following chromatographic purification and biological assessments, the active factions are subjected to intensive studies employing analytical and spectroscopic methods such as high resolution mass spectrometry and two dimensional NMR. All that aims to figure out the exact arrangement (structural formula) of atoms in the molecular formula.   
  • Anti-obesity and Cognitive Function Modulators: over the last few years we have been engaged in developing novel anti-obese and metabolism modulators based on Fatty Acid-Aminoalcohol (such as acylethanolamide) derivatives. For more information see the publication ( and ( for the intellectual properties (IPs).
  • Exploring the Potential of Heterocyclic Diazine-Centered Derivatives as Cytotoxic Agents Diazines (pyrimidine, pyrazine and pyridazines) are well known core structures in bioactive natural products and approved drugs. As part of our endeavors to develop signaling inhibitors for cancer, lots efforts are being put to design and synthesize novel diazines-cored derivatives. 

Developmental Projects

  • AQU Coordinator for the Project LIFELONG LEARNING IN PALESTINE (LLIP), TEMPUS funded project. 2011-2013.
  • AQU Coordinator for TEMPUS funded CORINTHIAM ( Central Offices Responsible for the Integration at Home of Internationalization as Assurance of Quality in the Meda Region”. Between 2010-2012.
  • Coordinator of the Workpackage of Feasibility of PhD Program in Water in Palestine, PADUCO Project.


Scientific Visits

  • Visiting Professor  (June 15th - August 15th 2015), LABORATORY OF ORGANOMETALLIC AND MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY  (LCOM), (EPFL | École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland).
    • Prof. Dyson Paul Joseph
    • BCH 2402 (Batochime UNIL) 
    • Av. F.-A.Forel 2 
    • CH-1015 Lausanne
    • Switzerland
    • E-mail: <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
  • Visiting Professor  (July 1st - August 20th 2011) University of Western Ontario, Cancer Research Laboratory Program, London Regional Cancer Program, Lawson Health Research Institute Victoria Research Building, 790 Commissioners Road East
    • London, Ontario CANADA N6A 4L6
    • Telephone: +1-519-685-8654, Fax: +1-519-685-8673
    • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • DAAD supported 2 months research visit (July 15th-September 15th 2007). 
    • AG Dr. H.D. Arndt
    • Max-Planck-Institut für Molekulare Physiologie, Chemische Biologie, 
    • Otto-Hahn-Str.11, D-44227 Dortmund, Germany.
    • Phone: +49 (231) 133 – 2424
    • Fax: +49 (231) 133 – 2499
    • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Topic of research: Selective modifications of thiopeptide antibiotic Thiostrepton.


  • IPSO: Targeting the Myristoyl Binding Pocket in BCR/ABL: A Rational Approach for the Design of Molecular Therapy Against Philadelphia Chromosome-Positive Leukemia
  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinscha (DFG): Targeting the Myristoyl Binding Pocket in BCR/ABL: A Rational Approach for the Design of Molecular Therapy Against Philadelphia Chromosome-Positive Leukemia
  • Rad-Biomed (NOPHAR): Compounds and Methods of Treating Obesity. Bioline (NOPHAR):  Platinum-based anticancer drugs.
  • Ministry of Research and Innovation, MRI-Ontario, Ontario-Palestine Collaborative Research Program: New Directions in Cancer Research.
  • Al-Maqdisi: Deciphering the Relationship Between Mechanical Stiffness and Hepatocyte Responses to Anti-tumor Platinum Derivative Treatments.

Students and lab assistants:

The Anticancer Drugs Research Lab was established at 2006: a functioning medicinal chemistry lab with 5 students and lab assistant in average:
Members of Najarjeh’s group:

  • Meran Maswadeh “Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Biological Activity of Novel Trisubstituted Pyrimidines as Cofactor Binding Inhibitors (CBIs)”
  • Dua Matar “Synthesis of Novel Substituted Aminopyrimidine Derivatives as Antileukemic Agents” 
  • Ala Faroun “Design, Synthesis, and Biological Activity of Novel U-shaped 2,3-Disubstituted Pyrazine Derivatives”
  • Nidaa Ghrayeb-M.Sc. student- project: Targeting the Myristoyl Binding Pocket in BCR-ABL: A Rational Approach for the Design of Molecular Therapy against Philadelphia Chromosome-Positive Leukemia
  • Fidaa Harfoush- Master student- project: Development of Novel Fatty Acid-Ehanolamide Derivatives as Anti-Obesity Agents 
  • Rami Salem-M.Sc. student - project: Synthesis and liposomal formulation of Platinum(IV) functionalized conjugates.
  • Maha Awwad-M.Sc.-Developing novel pyrimidine derivatives for targeting the Myristoyl Binding Pocket in BCR-ABL.
  • Sawsan Salameh- co-supervised Ph.D. student-project: Target identification and Platinogenomic studies.

Graduation Research Projects

  • Tasneem Najajreh and Sohaib Anqawi, Project title “Synthesis and Characterization Oxaliplatin and Satraplatin Derivatives for Overcoming Merging Resisitance to Platinum(II)-based Therapies.
  • Afnan Mansour, Project title “Synthesis and Characterization of 2,5-Disubstitiuted Pyrazine Derivatives”
  • Elham El-Baz: Project title “Syntheis of Dasatinib Analogues for Overcoming T315I Mutants in BCR-Abl”
  • Besan Fatash: Project title “Synthesis of Triazine Derivatives for Tyrosine Kinase Inhibition” 

Invited Lectures

  • Design, Synthesis and Biophysical Studies of Oxaliplatin Prodrug for Targeted Cancer Therapy, November 24th 2015, Al-Quds University-PALESTINE
  • Synthesis and Development of Lipophilic Cisplatin Prodrugs: An Approach to Overcome Resistance of Cancer Cells, June 24th 2015, EPFL, Lausanne-Switzerland. 
  • Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of Diazine Derivatives for Selective Modulation of Kinase Activity, July 15th 2015, EPFL-Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of Pyrimidine and Pyrazine Derivatives for Modulation of Kinase Activity, Tuesday 14th October 2014, University of Bergen, Bergen-Norway. 
  • Development of Selective Allosteric Inhibitors of BCR-Abl for Treatment of Philadelphia Positive Leukemia. 11th Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences 6-10 October 2010, the Dead Sea-Jordan.
  • Development of Novel Platinum(IV) Derivatives for Overriding Tumor Resistance, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research University of Toronto-Canada- September 3rd 2010.
  • Rational Development of Allosteric Inhibitors of BCR-Abl Kinase in Philadelphia Positive Leukemia, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research- University of Toronto-Canada. The University of Western Ontario London Regional Cancer Program. September 3rd 2010.
  • Development of Novel Platinum(IV) Derivatives for Overriding Tumor Resistance, London Regional Cancer Program The University of Western Ontario-Canada-September 2nd 2010. 
  • Rational Development of Allosteric Inhibitors of BCR-Abl Kinase in Philadelphia Positive Leukemia, London Regional Cancer Program The University of Western Ontario-Canada- September 2nd 2010. 
  • Cancer: a targetable disease? New perspectives on anticancer drug development at the Frontiers of Science and Engineering, March 20th-2007 Seville-Spain. 
  • "SAR Studies on trans-Pt(Cl2(L)(PIPERIDINO-PIREDINE)] COMPLEXES" Metal Compounds in the Treatment of Cancer (COST Action: D20), April 17-18, 2005, COST, Jerusalem, Israel.

Conferences and Posters

  • 4th International Symposium on Pharmaceutical Chemistry (4th ISPC), September 17-19, 2003. Istanbul-Turkey. Najajreh Y, Cohen-Sacks H, Goa J, Elazar V, Tchaikovski V, Kliche S, Mayr U, Waltenberger J, Kanaan M & Golomb G In vivo Inhibition of Neo-Intima using Nanoparticulate PDGFβ-R Partially Posphorothioated Antisense.
  • 10th International Conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry, Florence, August 26 - 31, 2001. Najajreh Y, Perez JM, Navarro-Ranninger C, Khazanov E, Barenholz Y & Gibson D Synthesis, antitumor activity and DNA binding studies of novel Pt complexes with piperidine and piperazine ligands.
  • 5th European Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference (EUROBIC-5) TOULOUSE (France) July 17-20, 2000. Najajreh Y & Gibson D: Novel Platinated Synthons for Labeling of Oligodeoxynucleotides with Platinum Anticancer Agents.
  • 7th International Symposium on Platinum and other Metal Coordination Compounds in Cancer Chemotherapy, ISPCC'95, March 1-4, 1995, Amesterdam, the Netherlands. Najajreh Y, Mansour N, Gliko I, Gean KF, Katzhendler J, Ramu A & Gibson D STRUCTURE ACTIVITY RELATIONSHIP OF PLATINUM ANTHRAQUINONE COMPLEXES. Poster No. 009.


  • Gibson D, Najajreh Y, Kasparkova J, Brabec V, Perez JM & Navarro-Ranniger C Novel cytotoxic trans-diaminedichloro platinum(II) complexes with nonplanar heterocyclic ligands, preparation, cytotoxicity and DNA binding properties, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, Volume 96, Issue 1, 15 July 2003, Page 42.
  • Najajreh Y, Perez JM, Navarro-Ranninger C, Gibson D Synthesis, Antitumor Activity and DNA Binding Studies of Novel Pt Complexes with Piperidine and Piperazine Ligands Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry (2001) Aug. Volume 86 (1), 353-353.
  • Kasparkova J, Zaludova R, Najajreh Y, Gibson D & Brabec V DNA interaction of new trans-[PtCl2NH3(piperidine)] complex. In: Metal Compounds in the Treatment of Cancer (COST Action: D20) Book of Abstracts, S. 10, November 7-10, 2002, Brno, Czech Republic.
  • Tchaikovski V, Cohen H., Najajreh Y, Kanaan M., Golomb G, & Waltenberger J New rat PDGFR-b antisense formulation for the prevention of restenosis. Frühjahrstagung 2003 der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kardiologie -Herz- und Kreislaufforschung, 24-26. April 2003, Mannheim (69).
  • Najajreh Y, Marini V, Kasparkova J, Novakova O, Gibson D, Perez JM., Brabec, V.
  • Activation of trans geometry in bifunctional mononuclear platinum complexes by a pireridine ligand. Mechanistic studies on antitumor action.
  • In: 9th International Symposium on Platinum Coordination Compounds in Cancer Chemotherapy. Final Program, Presentation Summaries and Abstracts. - New York, New York University School of Medicine 2003. - S. 11014477 - BFU-R 20033107 US eng A.