Sumaya Y. Sayej


Lecturer in Department of Nursing


Nursing Department, Faculty of Health Professions, Al-Quds University, Abu Deis –Jerusalem, Health Complex Bld.1st Floor


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Telephone numbers





022799753 or 022811047


+972-022799753 or +972-022811047





Sumaya Y. Sayej RN, MSN, PhD
Assistant professor of nursing and health sciences
Coordinator of the Nursing Higher Studies / Faculty of Health Professions/ Al-Quds University. The Ph.D. in health education promotion was from De-Montfort University – Leicester/ England in 2003. Prior to thatMaster of Science in Nursing from Catholic University of America in 1988. Joined Al-Quds University in 1985.

Research interests

  • Children health
  • Women health
  • Gender issues
  • Evaluative research and public health projects
  • Nursing issues


  • Research methodology  8020532
  • Qualitative research 8020527
  • Nursing theories  8020522
  • Health Education/Promotion  8022524
  • Ethics in Health care 8023513
  • Pediatric and Child Health Nursing (many courses with different levels)

Selected publications

  • Qualitative research on child psychosocial development children and families with PTSD and trauma among Palestinians
  • “Impact of armed conflict on Palestinian children” presented the UN General Assembly on October 2007
  • Evaluation research on the effectiveness of project “Promoting New University Graduates from social and psychological backgrounds”
  • Situation analysis of discrimination against Palestinian women and girls in the Palestinian territories
  • Analysis of “public health chapter”  in the Family Health Survey for Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
  • Baseline survey on “Gender Based Violence, sexual Harassment and STIs in East Jerusalem”
  • Evaluation research for project “Reducing Gender–based violence and encroachment among youth and women rights”
  • Perception and practices of women in reproductive age toward safe /unsafe abortion in 12 randomly selected Camps in West Bank.
  • Many manuals, booklets and guides  related community and public health matters on children and families