Mousa Bajali


Lecturer in Department of Periodontology and Preventive Dentistry


Department of Periodontology and Preventive Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Al-Quds University.


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Personal information:

  • Date of Birth: 19 July, 1963
  • Place of Birth: Jerusalem


  • ( 2002) Ph.D, Bucharest Carol Davila, Romania,
  • (1987) DDS, Cluj Napoca, Romania.
  • (1992 – 1994) , took five Courses in Implantology

Professional experience

  • (Present) Dean Faculty of Dentistry, Alquds University
  • (2009 - 2012) Vice President for Student Affairs & Student Services, Alquds University  
  • 2008 – Present, Consultant for community dentistry and prevention and a practioner of Implants and Periodontal and Gingival diseases at Al-Hayatt Medical Centers in Sheik Jarrah, Beit Hanina; Manager for the same center at Damascus Gate branch.
  • (2007 - 2009) Al-Quds University / Jerusalem, Assistant to the President for university health sciences affairs.
  • (2005-2009) Dean, Faculty of Dentistry, Al-Quds University
  • (2005 - 2007) Al-Quds University- Jerusalem, Acting Vice President for financial and administrative affairs
  • (2004) Al–Quds University Jerusalem-Abu-Dees, Vice Dean–Faculty of Dentistry.
  • (2004 - 2007) Al-Quds University - Jerusalem, Head of the Department of Periodontology
  • (2003) Al–Quds University Jerusalem- Abu–Dees, Assistant Dean – Faculty of Dentistry
  • (2003) Al–Quds University Jerusalem-Abu–Dees, Coordinator for the Dental Nursing Program
  • (2003 – present) Al–Quds University Jerusalem-Abu–Dees, Assistant Prof. Faculty of Dentistry
  • (1995-1997) Al- Umma College Jerusalem, Lecturer for Dental Technicians
  • (1987- present) Private Clinic Ramallah- Jerusalem


  • Relationship between Periodontitis and Microorganisms.
  • Biovitroceramics PAW1 (Romanian Original Product) used in Surgical Treatment of Periodontal Diseases.
  • Manifestations of the occlusal trauma upon the profound marginal periodontium.
  • Oral Health Status of Palestinian schoolchildren in the West Bank
  • Research interests: - The saliva as biochemical marker for screening of periodontal diseases and the interaction with systemic diseases.
  • Genetic risk factors of periodontitis.


  • March 2011, The Senior Dental Leaders Programme (SDL-5)
  • August 2008, FDI meeting Stockholm
  • October 2008, Co- Chairman of the third Middle East Symposium in Dental Medicine held in AlQuds University and  School of Dentistry Hebrew University\ Hadassah .
  • September 2007, Co-Chairman of the Second Middle East Symposium in Dental Medicine held in Antalia / Turkey
  • November 2006, Co-Chairman of the First Middle East Symposium in Dental Medicine held in Jerusalem
  • March 2002, Participated at the congress of the Balkan Stomatological Society in Kushadasy / Turkey.
  • May 2001, Participated with oral Presentation at the congress of the Balkan Stomatological Society in Bucharest/Romania.
  • November 2004 , Attending & Presenting at the Biomaterials Conference , Bucharest – Romania
  • June 2004 , 3rd International Congress on "Oral Health and Dental Management”  in the Black Sea Countries , Bucharest – Romania
  • June 2004, Training Course for Learning disabilities, Al–Quds University.
  • September, 2003, Poster Presentation at FDI Annual Dental Congress, Sidney – Australia
  • June 2003, Oral Presentation at Al-Quds Dental Scientific Conference, Al-Quds University
  • September 2001 , Poster Presentation at FDI Annual World Dental Congress, Kuala Lumpur
  • Held Lectures at the Palestinian Health Ministry
  • December 2003, Organizing the Practical Course and Exam for the Palestinian Health Ministry


  • Board member at the Alliance for Oral Health Across Bordes
  • (1987- 2006) Member at the Palestinian Dental Association.
  • September 2004, Member of the Testing Committee for the Clinical Exam for the Palestinian Ministry of Health.
  • (1994-2000) Participated in four Dental Conferences held by the Palestinian Dental Association.
  • (1991 – 1996) Member in the Board of the Palestinian Dental Association.
  • (1991 - 1996) Treasurers at the Palestinian Dental Association.
  • (1991 – 1996) Treasurer at the Union of Professional association.
  • (1987 – 1993) Volunteer in the Medical Relief Committees.
  • Member in the American Academy of Periodontology
  • Member in the International Academy of Periodontology.
  • Member in the Romanian Biomaterials Society.
  • Member in the Alpha Omega Fraternity.
  • Co-Editor of the editorial board of the Middle East journal of oral health
  • Executive board member of the D. Walter Cohen Middle East Center for dental education.

Professional Award

In August 2008, I was given the Shils-Meskin Special Recognition Awards for leadership and commitment to educational and clinical programs along with Professor Adam Stabholz, Dean of the Hebrew University/ Hadassah School of Dental Medicine.