Mudar Kamal


Lecturer in Department of Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics


Residency Address: Jerusalem


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Personal information:

  • Name: Mudar Sufian Kamal        
  • Date of Birth: 23rd, August 1979
  • Place of Birth: Jerusalem
  • Nationality: Palestinian


  • [2004] MDSc in Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics, Jordan University of science and technology, Irbid, Jordan.
  • [2004] Specialist Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics
  • [2002] BDS in Dentistry, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan.
  • [1997] higher general secondary school certificate, scientific stream, Jerusalem, Palestine.

Academic Rank:

  • Lecturer and clinical supervisor of Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics, Faculty of  Dentistry Al – Quds University, Abu – Dees/ Jerusalem.


  • Very proficient in both written and spoken English and Arabic
  • Excellence knowledge in Microsoft Office and good experience in using the Internet.

Professional Experience

(2004 – Present) Al-Quds University Abu – Dees / Jerusalem, Lecturer and clinical supervisor of Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics. Duties and taught courses (as a lecturer and clinical supervisor):

  • One out of three faculty members who had the roll of establishing the department of fixed and removable prosthodontics at the school of dentistry / Al-Quds university, and building up the course out lines of the taught theoretical and practical courses given by the department.
  • Courses at the preclinical level for dental students, and introductory courses to the art and science of removable prosthodontics. (Theoretical and practical).
  • Introductory courses to the art and science of fixed prosthodontics (theoretical and practical).
  • Theoretical courses in various fields of advanced aspects of prosthodontics, given to the final year dental students. (Examples, esthetic dental aspects, Porcelain laminate veneers, temporomadibular disorder management, Maxillofacial prosthodontics, and implant dentistry).
  • Theoretical course in the field of dental implants, given to the final year dental students.
  • A clinical supervisor and course coordinator of practical courses in fixed and removable prosthodontics (the clinical years dental students) at various clinical levels.
  • A course in oral and dental descriptive anatomy.
  • A course in the descriptive and functional dental occlusion.

(2006-2008, 2009-2012) Al – Quds University Abu – Dees/ Jerusalem, Coordinator of the basic medical science department. Responsibilities include:

  • Preparing and maintaining the students' academic schedules in the basic medical years.
  • Insuring course qualities and requirement fulfillment at each and every course.
  • Linking all basic medical departments with the school of dentistry deanship.
  • (2012)  Coordinator of the academic counseling system at the faculty of dentistry

(2008 – 2009) Al-Quds University Abu – Dees / Jerusalem, Clinical director of dental teaching clinics/ faculty of dentistry. Responsibilities include:

  • Developing a full operating system for the students and specialties clinics, assigning duties and planning annual budgets.
  • Managing the dental student's clinics; this includes preparing and maintaining the day-to-day schedule of the students' clinical schedule and requirements.
  • Supervising and managing the nursing and administrative staff of the dental clinics.
  • Managing the inventory of all needed materials and equipments of the dental clinics.
  • Act as "liaison-officer" between the clinical operations in the dental clinics and faculty board.
  • Planning short and long term strategies for service evaluation and quality assurance.  


(2004 – 2005) Al-Quds University Abu – Dees / Jerusalem, Head of the department of prosthodontics.   

(2004 – Present) Private Clinic practice. Concentrated on fixed and removable prosthodontics as a specialty practice, and working side by side "as a team" with other dental specialists.

Contributions in professional committees, scientific committees and memberships:

  • [2004-Present] Member of the school of dentistry board, Al-Quds University.
  • [2005-Present] Member of the school of dentistry committee for planning and updating of the academic curriculum for the bachelor program in dental surgery.
  • [2004-2011] Member of the scientific committee/ faculty of dentistry / Al-Quds University.
  • [2007-2011] Member of the purchasing committee/ faculty of dentistry /Al-Quds University.
  • [2008-present] Member of the specialty committee for the Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics section, the Palestinian medical council, the board Examination.
  • [2006-2007] Member of the continuous education program committee for the trainees at the Palestinian ministry of health / Ramallah.
  • [September 2007] member in the organizing committee of the Second dental symposium of the Middle East dental Medicine held in Antalia / Turkey.
  • [November26th/2006] Member of the scientific committee of the middle East symposium held in East Jerusalem with collaboration of Hadassah dental school, Case western university, Drexel university, University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University.
  • Member in the Palestinian Dental Association.

Publications & fields of scientific interest

  • Published research in "Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology, and Endodontology" journal volume 101, issue 6, Pages 741-747. Titled by " Anterior midline point stop device (AMPS) in the treatment of myogenous TMDs: Comparison with the stabilization splint and control group".
  • Research interest in the field of temporomandibular disorders and occlusal therapy.
  • Interested in scientific and applied aspects of dental occlusion.
  • Hoping to expand knowledge and clinical skills in the filed of Maxillofacial prosthodontics. Interested in the prosthodontic clinical rehabilitation of patients suffering maxillofacial defects and improving their quality of life.   

Continuing Education

  • [Last Two Years] Attended several national scientific days and conferences.
  • [January 2009] Attended a hands on course in porcelain laminate veneers, university of Iowa, Iowa city, USA Attended a hands on course concerning the use of Microscopes in the field of fixed prosthodontics, university of Iowa, Iowa city, USA Attended a hand on course in clinical photography university of Iowa, Iowa city, USA. Attended a hands on course in clinical dental implans. Spent one week in the post graduate prosthodontic department observing the system and teaching methods university of Iowa, Iowa city, USA.
  • [During year 2008] Attended three scientific days addressing various topics in the dental field organized by Al-Quds University, The Arab-American University / jenen, and the Palestinian Dental Association.
  • [April 27th/2007] 6 CME course In Dental Traumatology held at the Center for Educational Development/ University of Jordan by Professor Graham Roberts/ King’s College.
  • [April/2007] 10 hour refreshment course in First Aid, conducted in Al Quds University.
  • [2006] attended the annual Jordanian dental association conference, Amman, Jordan.
  • [2004] Course in oral implantology organized by the DGZI, Dead Sea, Jordan.
  • [2003] Course in Oral implantology using the Pitt-Easy Bio-Oss. System - at the Jordan university of science and technology (JUST) in Irbid / Jordan.
  • [2002] A scientific day on various topics of dental implants, organized by the university of Jordan / Amman.
  • [2001] two lectures given by Prof. Richard Elderton in the field of preventive dentistry during a scientific day organized by the university of Jordan / Amman.


  • Feb. 2005 lecturer in dental Palestinian association’s fifth conference in Jericho.
  • [2004 - Present] Various lectures in the Palestinian ministry of health training programs, and preparatory courses of the Palestinian license exams.
  • Chief Examiner "the fixed and removable prosthodontics section", in the Palestinian license exams regulated and organized by  the Palestinian ministry of health [August 2005, March 2006] Theoretical and Practical.
  • Chief Examiner "the fixed and removable prosthodontics section", in the Palestinian license exams regulated and organized by Palestinian higher medical council [September 2007, August 2008] Theoretical and Practical.   
  • [2004-Present] writing oral health educating articles in the local newspaper