Jamal Nafi


Assistant Prof. of Literature


English Department, Faculty of Arts, Building, 1st Floor, Mailing address & contact P.O. Box: 20002, Jerusalem, Occupied Palestine


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Telephone numbers





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Jamal Nafi is an Assistant Professor of Literature in the Department of English, where he teaches courses in English and American literature. He earned his PhD in English Literature from Rajasthan University (Rajasthan, India, 2001).
Prior to joining Al-Quds University, Jamal has worked as a full-time faculty member in the English Departments at Zarka Private University (Jordan), and Hebron University (Palestine).

His PhD Dissertation topic is: “A Critical Study of te Form and Structure in the Lawrentian Narrative”

Research interests

Jamal Nafi’a main research interests include Feminist movements along national and ethnic lines in Palestine and Israel, Forms and Structures of contemporary novels, Modern poetry and creative writing, Modern American literature, culture, music and film, Victorian literature (especially Dickens, Ruskin, Swift, Pope, Gray and Johnson).

Teaching activities

Lecturer in English & American literature

Post-graduate Examination:

  • Served as an external examiner to review two MA theses submitted to the Department of Graduate Studies at Hebron University in 2009. The first thesis entitled: “The Use of Short stories in Teaching English as a Foreign Language,” while the second one is entitled: “The Impact of Using Drama on Enhancing the Proficiency and Fluency of English as a Foreign Language.”
  • Served as an internal examiner to an MA thesis entitled “Modernism in T.S Eliot’s Poem ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’ submitted by Basem Tmeizi to the American Studies Program at Al-Quads University in 2011.
  • Supervised two MA theses for graduate students at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at Al-Quds University.

Selected publications

  •  “Palestinian Education under the Occupation.” Socialism and Democracy: Research Group Journal, Routledge: Taylor and Francis Group. Vol. 21. No. 1, 2007.