Mohammad Ahmad Thawabteh


Associate Professor in Translation


Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts, Al-Quds University, Main Campus, Abu Dies, P.O. Box: 20002, Palestine.


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Mohammad Ahmad Thawabteh is Associate Professor of Translation at the Department of English, Al-Quds University, Jerusalem. He was the Chair of Department of English (2011-2013) and Coordinator of MA Translation Program (2010-2013). He holds a B.A. degree in English Language and Literature from Bethlehem University (Bethlehem, Palestine), an MA degree in English, with specialization in Translation, from Yarmouk University (Irbid, Jordan), Advanced Higher Diploma in Translation and Intercultural Studies from Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, Spain) and a Ph.D. in Translation and Intercultural Studies from Universidad de Granada (Granada, Spain). He has been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Al-Quds University since 1999.

Research interests

Translation Technology; Audiovisual Translation; Discourse Analysis; Semiotics; Translator Training; Semantics and Pragmatics;  Cultural studies

Teaching activities

Supervised MA theses in Translation

  • 2012 “Towards Subtitling Standards in Arabic”, Al-Quds University 
  • 2012 “Culture-Bound Problems in Subtitling and Dubbing, With Particular Reference to English–Arabic Translation”, Al-Quds University
  • 2011 “The Translatability of Profanity in English-Arabic Subtitles”, Al-Quds University
  • 2010 “Towards Strategies for Translating Idioms in Arabic-English Subtitling”, Al-Quds University

Participating in the examination of the following theses

  • 2013 “The Translatability of Postmodern Culture Allusions in Comedy TV Shows”, An-Najah National University
  • 2013 “Intertextuality and Literary Translation from Arabic to English”, An-Najah National University
  • 2013 “The Impact of Gender Sensititization on Arabic-English Translation”, Al-Quds University
  • 2013 “The Problem of Equivalence: The Translation into Arabic of Specialized Technological Texts”, An-Najah National University
  • 2013 “Cultural and Audience Considerations  in the Translation of Children and Family Shows into Arabic”, An-Najah National University
  • 2013 “A Semantic and Pragmatic Analysis of three Translations of Surat Yusuf”, An-Najah National University
  • 2013 “Audience Types in Translating Humorous TV Shows from English into Arabic”, An-Najah National University
  • 2012 “Harmonization and Intertextuality in Translating Shakespeare’s Sonnets into Metrical Arabic Poetry”, An-Najah National University
  • 2012 “Translating Brochures Advertising Personal Care Products from English into Arabic: Strategies and Linguistic Inaccuracy”, An-Najah National University 
  • 2011 “Reference to Weaponry in Military Discourse Reference to Weaponry in the Mass Media: A Study in the Loss Incurred in Translating the Terminology of Military Discourse” Al-Quds University

Selected publications

Articles in refereed journals:

  • (Forthcoming) “Translation and Crime: The Case of Subtitling English thrillers into Arabic”, Studies about Languages.
  • (Forthcoming) “Translation as A Virtuous Circle: A Case of Borrowing in Arabic and Re-borrowing in English” Lingue e Linguaggi
  • (2013) “Analysis of Technical ʻFoul-upsʼ: With Particular Reference to Arabic-English Subtitling”, Studies of Science and Culture 9(4): 77-90.
  • (2013) “Dictionaries Lookup Strategies for English-Arabic-English Translation”, Studies in Contrastive Grammar 19: 128-144. (2013).
  • (2013) “The Semiotics of Third Language in Arabic-English Translation”, Studies about Languages 23(1): 78-82.
  • (2013) “The Intricacies of Translation Memory Tools: With Particular Reference to Arabic-English Translation”, Localisation Focus: International Journal of Localisation, 12(1): 79-90.
  • (2013) “The Intricacies of Linguistic Interference in Arabic-English Translation”. In K. Obaid and R. Goodwin (eds.), special issue of Arab World English Journal, 4(2): 189-199.
  • (2012) “The Ubiquity of Intertextuality: A Case of Arabic-English Translation” Journal of Communication and Culture Online, 3: 102–112.
  • (2012) “Translation and Conflict: Two Narratives of the Same Coin”, 3L: The Southeast Asian Journal of English Language Studies, 18(4): 215–226.
  • (2012) “Translating Kinship Terms in the Qur’an”, Studies in Contrastive Grammar, 18: 114-126.
  • (2012) “The Translatability of Euphemism and Dysphemism in Arabic-English Subtitling”. In K. Allan, Burridge, Crespo-Fernandez and Jamet (eds.), special issue of  Lexis, E-Journal in English Lexicology, 7:145–156.
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(1999) “Narrating A Story”, with Al-‘Awawda, Zain , Bethlehem Univ.: Faculty of Education.