Farah Rashid Jayousi


Instructor of Literature


Address: Ramallah, Al-Teireh, West Bank, Palestine


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Education/Degrees Obtained

  • MA in literature, University of Sussex, in the United Kingdom, 2016
  • BA in English Language and Literature, Minor Psychology, Al-Quds University, 2013
  • Youth Ambassador for Peace and Dialogue among Cultures, Aladin Project, Turkey, 2013
  • Youth Leadership in Sports, UNODSP, Germany, 2012

Employment History

Current Position: Al-Quds University, 2016.

Former Position(s):

  • 26/10/2013 – 03/06/2014 Teaching English for Primary and High School Students. Elite Centre – Ramallah/Al-bireh
  • 11/02/2012 – 04/10/2012 Volunteer - Helping the head administrating assistant in data entry, organizing events and customer relationships. Tamer Institute for Community Education – Ramallah


Computer skills

  • Very good command of Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
  • Very good command of Internet Skills
  • Fast in speeding typing.

Skills and Inclinations

  • Self-motivated.
  • Imitative with a high level of energy.
  • Able to inspire, comfort, build self-esteem.  
  • Strong verbal and personal communications skills.
  • Decision making, critical thinking, organizing and planning.
  • Dependable, responsible contributor to commit to excellence and success.
  • Good ability to adapt to multicultural environments.

Research Interests

  • In novelist voiced for radical change through a true reflection of the conditions and difficulties for 18th century women to overcome social inequalities and achieve independence.
  • Personal interested in developing teaching methods of English for special purposes in order to improve student English proficiency skills.                                                                                  

Personal Qualities

Enthusiastic, eager to meet challenges and quickly assimilate new concepts. Energetic performer consistently cited for unbridled passion for work, and upbeat positive attitude.