Samer Hatem Raddad


Assistant Professor


Al Quds University/Main Campus- Abu-Dis

Faculty of Arts, The office is located on the 3rd floor



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Telephone numbers





02-2799753 or 02-2799502 or 02-799360


+972-02-2799753 or +972-02-2799502 or +972-02-799360





Dr. Samer Raddad is Head of Geography and Urban Studies Department at Al – Quds University Since 2013. He is specialist and lecturer in Urban and Regional planning and Geographical Technologies fields such as Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing. Also he is a consultant and researcher for several companies and organization in  the planning sector. He is a member in Palestinian Geographical association.

Research interests

Urban and Regional Planning, Land Use Land Cover Changes, Urban Agriculture Development, GIS & Remote Sensing Applications in Planning, Public Services Planning, GIS for Heath, Spatial analysis , Sustainability Urban Development, Public Transportation Development, Environmental Policy and Planning Process, Public Participation, GIS and Planning Education. 

Teaching activities

  • Postgraduate Level Courses
  • Natural Resources Conservation
  • Urban and Rural Geography
  • Location Theory
  • Undergraduate Level Courses
  • Urban Planning
  • Regional Planning
  • Principles of Planning
  • Land Use Planning
  • Public Services Planning
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Principles of Geographical Statistics

Post-graduate Examination:

  • External examiner for many master thesis in Geography and Spatial Planning issues. 

Selected publications

  • Samer Raddad ( 2012), Towards Urban Smart Growth in Palestine, the First Palestinian Urban Forum, Al Najah University, Palestine. 
  • Samer Raddad (2011), Evaluating the effectiveness of Geographic Information Systems in Teaching Social Sciences at Palestinian Universities –A Case Study at Al quds University. Conference on Teaching Social Sciences At Palestinian Universities: Reality and Ambitions. Hebron University, Palestine 
  • Samer Raddad, Abdul Ghani Salleh, & Narimah Samat (2010), Determinants of Agriculture Land Use Change in Palestinian Urban Environment: Urban Planners at Local Governments Perspective, American-Eurasian Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, 4(1):30-38 
  • Samer Raddad, Abdul Ghani Salleh, & Narimah Samat (2009), Land Use Land Cover Detection Using Remote Sensing and GIS in Ramallah Metropolitan –Occupied Palestinian Territories, The 3rd International Conference on Built Environment in Developing Countries 2009 Committee, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang. 
  • Samer Raddad, Abdul Ghani Salleh, & Narimah Samat (2009), Explore of Urban Expansion Trends Under Political Instability in Occupied Palestinian Territories: Jerusalem –Ramallah Case Study, Positioning Planning in the Global Crises-An International Conference on Urban & Regional Planning, Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Planning Education in Indonesia-Bandung, Indonesia.