Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Urban Studies


Faculty of Arts Building, 1st Floor.


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  • 1994 – 1998  Technical University of Berlin, Germany.Institute of Architect, Environmental and Society Sciences,Technical Assistance and Doctorate, Degree: Dr. Eng. (Doctor in Engineering) with distinct order of merit, (suma cum laude), Thesis: Solar Sea Water Desalination - A Contribution to the Solution of Water Supply Problems and to the Development of Settlement Structures in Arid Areas (Arabian Countries).
  • 1986 – 1992  Technical University of Berlin, Germany. Degree: Diploma-Engineer (Professional Engineer) in City, Town and Regional Planning. Thesis: City Reconstruction in Irbid City, Jordan, Berlin, Germany 1992. Fields of Specialisation: Planning in Arid Areas, Towns and Oasis Traffic Planning and Development Environment al Planning.


Research interests

  • Environmental, City and regional planning field

Teaching activities

  • Developed many courses such as the Maps course, Regional planning, Urban Planning, Introduction to Environmental Sciences, Introduction to cartography,Location Theory, Land use, Rural Planning.

Post-graduate Examination

I was the supervisor of five students last year, I haven’t supervision for this year.

Selected publications

  • Jerusalem Strategic Planning Series - Jerusalem The Old City: Urban Fabric   and Geopolitical Implications (2009).
  • The Impact of the Wall on the Palestinian Urban Space in East Jerusalem  (Arabic, 2009).
  • Jerusalem and its Hinterland:Transformation between East Jerusalem and its Hinterland: Chapter 3  Abdallah Owais, International Peace and Cooperation Center – Jerusalem, 2008. Page 55-65.
  • Jerusalem Strategic Planning Series - Jerusalem and its Hinterland (2008).
  • The Wall and the Enclaves: Case Studies in Disrupted Communities. Chapter Four Abdallah Owais Ph,D. The Wall –  Fragmenting the Palestinian Fabric in Jerusalem. First Edition, International Peace and Cooperation Center – Jerusalem  2007.