Said A. Zeedani


Associate Professor of Philosophy


Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, AQU Main Campus, Abu Dies. P.O Box 27416, 91273 - Jerusalem 91273


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  • University of Haifa, Israel: B.A. in Philosophy and English Language and Literature (1973).
  • University of Wisconsin in Madison (Wisconsin, U.S.A):
    • M.A. in Philosophy (1979).
    •  PhD in Philosophy (1982).
  • Areas of specialization: Aesthetics and Ethics.


  • Vice President for Academic Affairs, Al-Quds University (2005-2011).
  • Director General of the (Palestinian) Independent Commission for Human Rights (2000 -2004).
  • Dean of Students, Al-Quds University (1999-2000).
  • Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Birzeit University (1995-1998).
  • Program Director, Al-Haq (Law in the Service of Man), (1990-1992).
  • Chairman of the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies, Birzeit University (1984/5, 1986-1988).

Research interests

Research interests encompass  ethics and politics, aesthetics, the philosophy and practice of human rights, liberalism and  liberal democracy, moral dimensions of the Palestine Israel conflict,  the status and future of the Palestinians in Israel.

Teaching activities

I teach philosophy courses in the areas of ethics, aesthetics, political philosophy, history of modern philosophy,  human rights and democracy (theory and practice), and medical ethics.

Selected publications

  • “A Modest Proposal: Is It?”: A review essay of Sari Nussebeh’s book What Is A Palestinian State Worth?, published in Reason Papers, Vol. 34, No. 2 (October, 2012).
  • “When Moral Philosophy Looks at the Jewish State”: A review essay of Chaim Gans’s book A Just Zionism, published in Ethical  Perspective, Vol. 18,No. 4 (2011).
  • “Palestinians and Israeli Jews: Divide and Share the Land”, published in Palestine- Israel Journal, Vol. 14, No. 3 (2007).
  • “The Predicament of the Arab Palestinians in Israel”, in Dilemmas in Arab Jewish Relations in Israel, edited by Yizhak Reiter, Schken Publishing House, 2005 (In Hebrew).
  • “ Democracy, Liberalism and the Concept of the Neutral State”, published in al-Mustaqbal al-Arabi , No. 179 (January, 1994). (In Arabic).
  • Co-authored  a book in Arabic entitled Concerning the Democratic Option, published by the Arab Unity Study Center in Beirut, 1994.
  • Edited four annual reports, in both Arabic and English, about the human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (covering the years 2000-2003), published by the Independent Commission of Human Rights  of Palestine.