Sari Nusseibeh


President, Al-Quds University (1995-Present), and Professor of Philosophy.


Postal: P. O. Box 19322, East Jerusalem


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Telephone numbers







+ 972-02-5838657.





Personal Information:

  • Born: Damascus, 12 February 1949.
  • Marital Status: Married to Lucy Austin / Nusseibeh: 3 sons and 1 daughter.
  • Residence: Jerusalem
  • Website:  


  • Ph.D. (Harvard), Islamic Philosophy (1978).
  • B.A. (M. A. Oxon), Politics, Philosophy,  Economics (1971).

Positions / Fellowships

  • Non-Resident Associate, Humanities Center, Johns Hopkins University (2011-2014).
  • Visiting Lectureship, EPHE, La Sorbonne, Jan. 2011.
  • Fellow, Baker Institute for Public Policy, Rice University - 2006
  • Fellow, The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University (2004-2005).
  • Visiting Lectureship, Balliol College, Oxford, U.K, (Fall Term, 2003).
  • Fellow, The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, D.C. (1994-1995).
  • Assistant Professor, Philosophy Cultural Studies, Birzeit University (1978-1990).
  • Visiting Lecturer, Islamic Philosophy, The Hebrew University (1979-1980).

Teaching activities

Courses (Undergraduate Level)

  • Cultural Studies (Ancient and Medieval Texts).
  • Cultural Studies (Philosophers of the Enlightenment).
  • Islamic Philosophy (various levels).
  • Political Theory Seminar.
  • Special Topics: Freedom and Identity.
  • Special Seminar: Logical Relations in Islamic Theology (kalam).
  • Symbolic Logic.
  • Critical Thinking.
  • Philosophy of Science (Introduction).
  • Philosophy of Law (Introduction).
  • مساق "مشاكل فلسفية في العصور الوسطى"


1. Books:

  • Une Allumette Vaut-elle Toute Notre Philosophie? , Flammarion, Jan 2012.
  • What's A Palestinian State Worth? Harvard University Press, 2011.
  •  Once Upon a Country: A Palestinian Life  Autobiographical Reflections. (with Anthony David) . New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2007.
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  • Masharif al-Mantiq (Introductory Symbolic Logic) . Jerusalem: Arab Studies Society, 1982.
  • Jerusalem: Points of Friction and Beyond. Ed. Sari Nusseibeh and Moshe Maoz. Kulwer Law International, 2000.

2. Chapters:

  • "The Possible Worlds of Avicenna and Liebniz", in The Misty Land of Ideas and The Light of Dialogue:
  • An Anthology of Comparative Philosophy: Western & Islamic, ed. Ali Paya, ICAS Press , Dec 2014.
  • "The Tanner Lectures On Human Values" , Delivered at Harvard University on November 5-7, 2008 : Philosophical Reflections on the Israeli-Palestinian War :
    1. Of Hedgehogs, Foxes and Swans
    2. Of Folly, Faith & Miracle. (Later published in The Tanner Lectures on Human Values, Vol. 29, ed. Suzan Young, Univ. of Utah Press, 2010)
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  • "Selections (including translations) from the Holy Qur'an". In Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 15th ed., 984.

3. Reviews

  • "Avner Baz, When Words Are Called For: A Defense of Ordinary Language Philosophy ", Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, Jun 2012.
  • "F. Zimmermann's Al-Farabi's Commentary and Short Treatise on Aristotle's De Interpretatione" , History and Philosophy of Logic 13 ,1992:  115-132 .
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4. Articles

  • "Cultural Clash And The Moralist Quest", Philosophy, Culture, & Traditions, Volume 7 2011.
  • " Islam, Islamic Philosophy and Peace ", Three voices Symposium - Prospettive filosofiche sulla pace (Proceedings by the Philosophy Department ) University of Torino, Italy - 2008.
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  • “ Avicenna : Medicine and Scepticism ” Koroth (1981) Vol.8, No 1- 2 : 9-20.


  • " Observations on the Arab Awakening and “The Arab Spring”, A Lecture on the occasion of george antonius' 120 th Birthday, in the University of Cyprus on the 18th October.
  • " Is “One” Unique? ", Paper presented on the 22nd September 2011 at the University of Geneve on the occasion of the inauguration of the program in medieval Jewish thought.
  • " Paris Lectures " 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5, Jan-2011.
  • " The Multatuli-lecture , delivered in Leuven on the 25th of May, 2009: "IDENTITIES IN CONFLICT: MASTERS AND SLAVES" .
  • "Palestine: Nation-Building?" at the opening ceremony of the Flemish Centre for International Policy of the Antwerp University, Belgium , May 7, 2008.
  • "Final Status: Jerusalem and Return" for James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy of Rice University , October 2007.
  • "The Indeterminacy of Negotiations and the Archimedean Lever "at Ben-Gurion University, January, 2006.
  • "The Archimedean Lever: Right In the face of Might"  the Max Perutz Memorial Lecture, International  Human Rights Network of Academies and Scholarly Societies, London, May 2005.
  • "The Popular Will as a Power for Peace" the Isaiah Berlin Lecture, Oxford, February 2005.
  • "On the Relevance of Philosophy In the Arab World Today"  the Shlomo Pines Lecture, Israel's Academy of Science, Jerusalem, 2003.


  • " Government: Religious and Democratic " delivered at the Future of the Religious Past Conference, Amsterdam June-2011.
  • " Sheherezade And Hind, Swaraj " Paper presented at the international conference on Hind Swaraj; 17-19, May- 2009, New Delhi.
  • "Gas-less in Gaza " at the Human Rights and Intercultural Dialogue In The Mediterranean conference organized by the Law Faculty, University of Teramo, Italy ,  March 27-29 2008.
  • "Self-Worth And Self-Delusion" at  The Concept of Human Dignity from the perspective of the history of Religions, at the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, December 2006.
  • "Identities in conflict: MASTERS AND SLAVES" at the International Conference of the Human Development Capability Association, Netherlands, September 2006.
  • "Joking as a lethal Weapon" at Freedom and Islam - Friedrich Naumann Foundation , Germany, October 2006.
  • "Palestinians Demand Justice" at the First International Conference On Ethics and Politics, Crete, May 2006.
  • "Global Versus International Justice," in World Civilization Forum (led by Amartya Sen), Tokyo, July 2005.
  • "When Two Rights Conflict: The Right of Return and the Right to Freedom",  keynote address at University of Chicago Law School,2004.
  • "On Killing Your Enemy" at 21st World Congress of Philosophy, Istanbul, 2004.
  • "On Why Dignity is Non-Negotiable" at the American Philosophical Association, Chicago, 2004.
  • "Territoriality: A Means Or An End?" at Territoriality and xtra-Territoriality: Instruments for Changing Attitudes, Amman, 2004.


  • Co-Chairman, Israeli-Palestinian Science Organization (IPSO)
  • Chairman, Union of Faculty and Staff, Birzeit University (1979-1982).
  • Fatah Strategist, The Unified National Command of the Intifada (1988-1991).
  • Member of the Steering Committee of the Palestinian Negotiating Team (1991-1993).
  • Co-founder and Chairman: The Higher Political Committees in the Occupied Territories (1991-1994).
  • Chairman, Technical and Advisory Committees to the Peace talks (1991-1993).
  • Co-founder: The Higher Committee of Fatah in the Occupied Territories (1991-1994).
  • Member: The Palestinian National Council.
  • Co-founder: The Peoples' Peace Campaign (2001).
  • Co-founder and General-Secretary: The Peoples' Campaign for Peace and Democracy HASHD, (2003-Present).
  • PLO Commissioner for Jerusalem Affairs (2002).


Local Society Memberships

  • The Palestinian Consultancy Group (1993-2010).
  • The Augusta Victoria Hospital (1996-2000).
  • The National Society for the Blind (1995-2011).
  • The Palestinian Association for Vocational Training (1990-2000).
  • Princess Basma Hospital for the Physically Handicapped (1997-2000).


  • International Advisory Board Member, International Center for Ethics, Justice, and Public life. (until 2013)
  • Honorary Member, Dan Pearl Foundation.
  • Council on Foreign Relations (IAB), New York. (until 2010)
  • The Center for Ethics and Law, UCL, UK.
  • L'Institut Europeen de la Mediterranee.
  • The Club of Monaco.
  • World Affairs Council (Amman/Jordan).
  • Country Editor for Ethical Perspectives ,
  • Vice-President of The International Literary Quarterly Inc


  • Bard College Award & Honorary Degree, " Doctor of Humane Letters " , May 21, 2011.
  • Siegfried Unseld Preis with Amos Oz , 2010 .
  • Honorary doctorate "Doctor Honoris Causa", Belgium. February 2009.
  • Brevet Commandeur De L'ORDRE Leopold, June 2006.
  • Recipient, XVI Premi Internacional Catalunya Award, 2004.
  • Recipient, University In Exile Award, New School, N.Y. 2004.
  • Recipient, The Roosevelt Four Freedoms Medal, the Hague, 2004.
  • Recipient, The Lew Kopelew Award, Koln, Germany, 2002.
  • Recipient of Seeds of Peace  Award, on June 3, 2002,  in New York.
  • Recipient of Common Ground Award for Journalism in the Middle East.  Winner Arab Press Category for What Next Al-Quds al-Arabi  September 24, 2001, Brussells, 2002.
  • UNESCO Chair of Freedom of Expression, Al-Quds University.
  • Recipient of Terni San Valentino Peace Award, on February 5, 2002,  in Italy.
  • Co-recipient of Peace Award, The Foundation for Middle East Peace, Washington, D.C.,1994. The citation reads: “The Palestinian philosopher whose detailed model for a two-state solution to the conflict now includes a set of blueprints for Palestinian self-government”.