Lecturer in Social Work Department


Social Work Department- Faculty of Arts –  hind alhussieni campus , 3rd floor , room # 3.


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khaled  Salman, has received his bachelor degree from the school of social work of the Hebrew university of Jerusalem as well his second degree master in criminology from the institute of criminology at the Hebrew university of Jerusalem, and his PhD from Ukraine

Khaled salman, engaged in a practical work as a head of the social work services in east Jerusalem, for over a two decades, through his work,

khaled has gained expertise and skills which provide him the unique opportunity to link knowledge with practice, and he relentlessly assisting disadvantaged individuals and families get the necessary help and link them with the proper services they might need.

Khaled salman , has taught mainly courses related to direct social work practice , and community organization.

Khaled salman has involved in academic activity such as serving as a member of social work committee at alquds university.

Khaled salman has research interest in studying the impact of social work services on the well being of individuals and families, familial conflicts, profiling impoverish families.

Research interests

Family conflicts , wives and children abuse , occupational instability and unemployment. 

Teaching activities

  • Scientific research,
  • family interventions,
  • social problems and
  • field training supervision.