Master of Science in Environmental Studies

Al-Quds University offers a Master of Science (M.S) in Environmental Studies. The program is designed and supervised by the Department of Environment and Applied Earth Sciences. Environmental Studies graduate M.S degree integrate engineering, physical, biological, chemical, and information sciences such as civil engineering, ecology, physics, chemistry, oceanology, meteorology and biology to learn about the environment or solve environmental problems. Environmental scientists are problem solvers, and research environmental and health problems to determine their causes and come up with solutions, such as protecting the environment, or cleaning up pollution.


Environmental Sciences is becoming increasingly necessary to address complex problems involving natural resources and environmental quality. This task requires specialized knowledge in environmental sciences distinct from many other scientific fields. Environmental Studies program is designed to offer training in a number of specialized focus areas within environmental sciences, operating within a single graduate degree program administered by the Department of Environment and Earth Sciences. Students trained in the Environmental Sciences Graduate Program can fill many areas of expertise needed. Potential career opportunities exist at regulatory agencies, consulting firms, government and academic research institutions, and industrial research facilities.