8031531 Methods of Mathematical physics (3 Credit Hours)

Homogeneous boundary value problem, special functions, inhomogeneous problem, Green's functions, integral equations, complex variable, calculus of variations.

8031541 Advanced Statistical Mechanics (3 Credit Hours)

The statistical basis of thermodynamics, elements of ensemble theory, canonical and grand canonical ensembles, formulations of quantum statistics, theory of simple gases, ideal Bose systems, ideal Fermi systems, statistical mechanics of interacting systems.

8031551 Advanced Classical Mechanics (3 Credit Hours)

Variational principles and LaGrange’s equations, the two body central force problem, the kinematics of rigid body, rigid body equations of motion, small oscillations, Hamilton equations of motion, canonical transformation.

8031553 Advanced Electromagnetic Theory (3 Credit Hours)

Electrostatic, Laplace and Poisson's equations, Green's theorem, method of images, boundary value problem in Cartesian, spherical and cylindrical coordinate, spherical harmonics, Bessel’s functions, multiples and multiples expansions, electrostatics of macroscopic materials, dielectrics magnetostatics, vector potential, Maxwell's equations for time varying fields.

8031554 Advanced Quantum Mechanics (3 Credit Hours)

Review of principles of Quantum mechanics, wave mechanics and matrix mechanics, Approximate methods in Quantum mechanics including perturbation theory, scattering theory, identical particle and second quantization.

8031560 Radiation Physics (3 Credit Hours)

Directly and indirectly ionizing radiation, cross sections and coefficients, beam attenuation, Kerma and dose relations Elastic scattering, Compton scattering, Klein–Nishina differential cross sections, photon nuclear reaction, scatter build up effects, Activation by photon.

8031561 Laser Physics (3 Credit Hours)

Emission and absorption of light, spontaneous and stimulated emissions, pumping schemes, interaction of radiation with matter, radiation trapping, super radiance and super fluorescence, line broadening, gain saturation, optical resonators.  Continuous and transient laser gain saturation, optical resonators.  Continuous and Transient Laser behavior, laser design and laser systems, Laser applications using photo-acoustic technique, laser applications in medicine Industry and agriculture.

8031562 Molecular Spectroscopy (3 Credit Hours)

Basic elements of practical spectroscopy: Signal to noise ratios, Fourier transform spectroscopy, and Microwave spectroscopy, diatomic and polyatomic molecules, IR spectroscopy, and Rotation spectrum, breakdown of Born-Oppenheimer approximation, Raman spectroscopy, E.S.R. spectroscopy and Mossbaure spectroscopy.

8031563 Advanced Nuclear Theory (3 Credit Hours)

Nucleon – Nucleon scattering, nuclear structure and nuclear volume, multipolar moments, shell model, collective states, nuclear reactions, radioactivity, Alpha, Beta and Gamma decay.

8031571 Advanced Solid State Physics (3 Credit Hours)

Semiconductors, crystal defects and imperfections, magnetic properties of crystals, (diamagnetic and paramagnetic), dielectrics and Ferro-electrics, superconductivity and optical properties of solids.

8031572 The Films Semiconductors (3 Credit Hours)

Techniques of film growth, Electronic structure of solids, Electronic conduction in solids, Radiation and impurity effects, semiconductors contacts and junctions, organic semiconductors, carrier injection in insulators.

8031583 Plasma Physics (3 Credit Hours)

Introduction, single-particle motions, plasmas as fluids, waves in plasma, diffusion and resistivity, equilibrium and stability, kinetic theory, non-linear effects.

8031584 Space Physics (3 Credit Hours)

Introduction, space environment, transport equations, collisions, neutral atmosphere, the terrestrial ionosphere at middle and low altitudes, the terrestrial ionosphere at high latitudes, planetary ionosphere.

8031596 Thesis-1 (3 Credit Hours)

Students are expected to write a seminar after selecting the research topic and finishing at least 18 credit hours; it should include the main problem for the thesis and a preliminary results of his research and research project outline.

8031597 Thesis-2  (3 Credit Hours)

Students have to write all the chapters of their thesis and he will be ready for thesis defense.