M.Sc. in Physics

The department of physics is one of seven departments forming the college of science.  The department is located in the main campus of Al-Quds University in Abu-Dies.

The department of physics offers the B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) with single specialization or majoring in physics and with minor in other field. About 120 undergraduate students are regularly enrolled. The department offers also two minors in physics for other students majoring in other fields. The number of students enrolled is regularly about 25.  The department offers MSc. (Master of Science) in physics since 1998 and the regular enrollment is about 20 graduate students.  In addition the department offers courses in general physics for students from science, engineering and medicine.  The department has active research programs in solid state physics, radiation physics, laser physics, and space plasma physics.  Our programs are supported by 14 faculty members from various ranks and a support staff of four.