Master Programme in Health Policy and Management

There is no doubt that health care needs and demands of the Palestinian people are in constant increase. This is an outcome of a number of post-Oslo circumstances and events that have produced some dramatic constitution and demographic changes in the makeup of the Palestinian society. All together, resultant changes contributed to the evolution of a variety of a broader range of choices and options in health care services that are being made available to the Palestinian public, particular with the rapid growth of a strong competitive private sector health industry. Therefore, compromising the heath care is no more affordable. This compels upgrading the system including all spheres of infrastructure of which human recourses constitute a fundamental component. Bearing in mind the reiterated research findings that confirmed management being a weakness point in the Palestinian heath care system an academically-based heath policy and management program becomes essentially needed.

The mission of the School of Public Health at Al-Quds University is to foster leadership qualities in the many disciplines involved in public health by providing excellence in teaching and access to resources. It prepares graduates to participate in health promotion and education, contribute to reform of the health sector and undertake research and service provision in the region. The objective is to improve the public health status in Palestine through competent public health professionals. This programme will serve well the mission and main objective of the first Palestinian school of public health that was established for.