Master of Public Health

Planning for the development of a Faculty of Public Health in Palestine began at al-Quds University with the cooperation of the Ministry of Health (MOH), the Palestine Council for Health (PCH), and other academic and health institutions in 1994. In September 1997, al-Quds University implemented the first phase of its program to establish a Faculty of Public Health by launching a Masters-Degree in Public Health. A special selection process resulted in the acceptance of 33 students in the program, 19 in Gaza and 14 in the West Bank. Finally on September 1 st, 1998 the Faculty of Public Health at al-Quds University was declared, and a second group of 15 students from Gaza were admitted into the Masters program. The academic model adopted was that agreed upon by all concerned parties at a special workshop organized by the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Bielefeld in January 1997, and attended by representatives from the various health sectors in Palestine as well as by representatives of European health institutions. Faculty members’ from al-Quds University and other universities in Gaza and the West Bank were recruited to the program. Consultation on the development of the program continued with the Faculty of Public Health in Bielefeld and Athens, the Italian Cooperation in Jerusalem (as the so-called 'Shepherd' for public health in the multilateral process), as well as other concerned parties, locally and internationally.