Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm.) In Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Master's Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences attracts students from a variety of backgrounds pharmacy, and other related areas. The Program provides an excellent educational and research experience in the Pharmaceutical Sciences. The individual student's program will emphasize one of a variety of areas including medicinal/natural product chemistry, pharmacology/toxicology, pharmaceutical analysis, biotechnology, pharmaceutical technology and clinical pharmacy.

The Pharmaceutical Sciences Master's Program has adopted specific requirements for the degree of Master. Program-specific requirements and regulations are in addition to the general rules and regulations specified by the Faculty of graduated studies.

To fulfill the requirements for the M. Pharm. degree, a student must satisfactorily complete the required course work, complete a written thesis based on his/her research, and pass the Final Examination (thesis defense).

Students which fail or could not complete a written thesis can have a high diploma degree after complete the required courses and a comprehensive exam.

Non-pharmacist candidates are instructed to pass the following pre-requisite courses in order to be eligible for the program:

  • Introduction to Pharmaceutical sciences (8121500, 4 credit),
  • Medicinal Chemistry Introductory Course for non-pharmacists (8121520, 2 CH).